Sunday, January 26, 2014

Surprise - no updates!

So yeah. My bad in the updating department. 

I went back to work last month and getting into a groove where I'm not entirely exhausted hasn't happened yet. 

Snuggle Bug (last referred to as Pumpkin but is now only called Snuggle Bug) is doing fantastic. Nursing like a champ and growing like a weed.

Big brother Peanut turned 5 last month and is doing more wonderfully than we expected in his new brother role. He overall loves the gig and only occasionally gets frustrated having to wait sometimes if she needs help first.

We're doing good as a family of four. All a bit tired but overall very happy.

I won't probably update again for a while. What with having The Husband working 12 hour shifts on second, two kiddos one of which nurses every hour and a half to two hours round the clock and being a full time government state worker who tomorrow gets to deal with the ACA Medicaid aka Obamacare Medicaid launching live in our state and all it's new rules and changes... I'm a wee bit tired.

But life couldn't be better :)