Saturday, October 26, 2013

She's Here!!!

I am overjoyed to announce that I had our daughter three weeks ago on October 5th!

My due date was October 24th but because of the complications I was having she was first scheduled for delivery on the 17th, then bumped up to the 10th (my amniotic fluid was rising rapidly). Well, she decided she wanted to pick her own birth date and came even earlier than we had expected at 37 weeks and 2 days.

I had not been feeling well since about week 35 when I felt like I had the flu. From experience with A. I knew that this was probably the end in sight for me. I had felt the exact same way the two weeks before my water broke with him at 39 weeks 4 days. I wasn't overly concerned as I had my repeat c-section date scheduled for 38 weeks 0 days. 

The morning she was born I felt achey and dizzy. The Husband recently switched jobs and shifts and now works 3rd, so our sleeping schedules are a bit different so I had asked him if I could please just sleep in that Saturday morning and delay his going to bed like normal. He agreed and I fell fast asleep only to be woken up at 11:57 am with a sudden, never had one like this before, kick to my crotch. The kind where it wakes you up from a dead sleep and you very lady like, grab yourself and tell your unborn child to calm it down. 

I tried to go back to sleep but at 12:07 I had an intense contraction. I patted my belly and told her to relax, it was only five more days till she was here. At 12:17 and 12:27 I felt more contractions. I was used to contractions every 10 minutes for 2-3 hours at a time, as they had been happening for the last month, but they always went away so I really wasn't that concerned until I felt a sharp stabbing pain at 12:37 on my right side. I actually started crying and called for The Husband who was in the middle of giving A. a bath. I asked him to help me roll over and get up from the bed, thinking if I could just change positions it would go away.

As soon as The Husband helped me roll over my water broke all over the bed. I was so thankful I had remembered to put a waterproof liner under me the week before. This by the way, is now the second pregnancy where I am one of those lucky women whose water breaks naturally and early. We had been warned that my water breaking early was likely due to the high fluid levels. Thankfully, the water was clear and the most serious complication we had been warned about, cord prolapse, didn't happen. 

I called the OB on call to let them know I was on my way in. My in-laws and SIL came and stayed with A. as we headed in. Despite drenching a towel and having to wear a newborn baby diaper in my panties to labor and delivery, we still had to wait for the lab to confirm my water had indeed broken as the tester strips weren't picking it up. 

Once confirmed, they wheeled me down for my c-section. This time because it wasn't an emergency like it had been with A., the entire experience was different and even lovely. The OB was wonderful, the nurse was fantastic and our anesthesiologist even had a mp3 mix he uses to time the procedure (think songs like don't worry, be happy to the happy birthday song). And so, our daughter was born.

Unlike with A.'s, The Husband was clear headed and unrushed so he was able to get pictures of her right after her birth. She had a powerful cry and scored 8's and 9's on her APGAR scores. 

She was beautiful. Here is the 3 of us. 

Overall, she was a big, beautiful girl. The Husband named her, as I named A. Of course, now you can see that I have two A.'s in my life, well actually three as The Husband's name starts with A. too, so I will have to change how I refer to them on here. A.'s nickname, which has no originality at all, just what I call him, is Peanut (which at almost 5 and 48" and 52 pounds is of course, not at all Peanut like) and I've come to call her Pumpkin. 

This is the first photo I have of just myself and Pumpkin, in all my puffy, just gave birth, after-pregnancy glory. I mean, seriously, look at my hands!

I was able to nurse Pumpkin much quicker than Peanut, right at the 1 hour mark. I was in surgery a bit longer than normal as I had my tubes tied, so as soon as I could and felt up to it, she nursed. And the best part? She's a natural nurser! Her latch is perfect. It was right from the start. I know I had my hesitations and really didn't even want to try to nurse again but I am so relieved that I gave it a try. Nursing is going fantastic.

The Husband helped get us all settled and then fell promptly asleep. By this point the poor man had been awake for nearly 21 hours. Poor guy.

After about fours hours or so, we let our families know they could come and meet her. My Mom was first and even though this picture is a bit blurry, it captures My Mom's smile so well.

My Brother and His Wife also came to see her. 

My In-Laws then brought Peanut up. I was originally going to have him wait till I was disconnected from my IV and moving around, so the next day, but I'm so glad I decided against it in the moment. He didn't seem upset at seeing me with the IV, I simply explained it was medicine and that it didn't hurt. I did remember to not being holding Pumpkin when he first came in and allowed him to snuggle as best as he could with me on the bed first. That seemed to help as he was able to tell me about his afternoon before his sister "barged in". He adored her from the start.

Almost all the next shots are blurry, what can I say, I was on drugs :) This is my sister-in-law or better known as AunTie, emphasis on the T because her first name starts with T and Peanut can't say it.

My mother-in-law, or Yaya. She was a ball of emotion and tears. 

And my father-in-law, or Papa, who is finishing his nursing degree, giving her reflexes a thorough look over.

Eventually I was able to get a quick picture when The Husband was in a picture friendly mood.

Pumpkin's story doesn't end there of course, she actually found herself briefly in the NICU and on the peds floor. I found myself admitted for postpartum complications. But that's her story of getting here. I'll fill the rest in later... when I'm not sleepy and shirtless from nursing. 

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