Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin's First Halloween

I'm feeling so blessed that I am on maternity leave right now. I will have to return before Christmas but for Halloween and Thanksgiving I get to stay home with both kiddos and we're having a blast!

We started with carving pumpkins.

We've always had pumpkins, this is just the first year Peanut has scooped out his pumpkin.

He wasn't so sure he about the slimy pumpkin guts.

When I assured him that this was indeed a fun project he seemed a bit skeptical.

Then we moved to taping off our pumpkins with masking tape so we could paint them.

Peanut thought the idea seemed a bit crazy but once I reassured him that painting pumpkins was indeed a good plan, he quickly got to painting the three tiniest pumpkins.

We let them dry as we decorated our porch and Nana helped carve the pumpkin.

Our final pumpkins!

Which Batman approved of.

And Miss Kitty Cat slept thru.

Happy Halloween!!!

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