Saturday, August 24, 2013

Off Work

Just a quick update, my OB took me off of work back on the 14th. With my constant migraine and blurred vision with spots despite a fantastic looking CT scan and neuro check, recent gestational diabetes and blood pressure they are trying to stabilize, she said it's best if I focus on just relaxing, taking it slow and staying pregnant.

The first week I was on bed rest but she already took me off! Yay! My blood pressure has come down a bit and stabilized at 120ish/80ish since being off of work for just a week and a half. I still can't drive (not safe for anyone) and I still get dizzy to the point that I get light headed and have to lay down if I'm on my feet for more than 20 minutes, but I can get up and move around if I feel up to it. So yay!

Baby Girl is doing fantastic, big, measuring 3-4 weeks ahead now because of the gestational diabetes, but is good. Heartbeat is always fantastic and strong movements. She moves around so much for the NST's they often have to re-position the monitors several times!

There are some other random things going on, like developing restless leg syndrome this past week (holy spastic annoying!) and I ended up in labor and delivery again this Friday morning for left side facial tingling and numbness. Baby Girl and I ended up checking out okay and it went away after 3 hours. In the end, this pregnancy is just proving to be unforgettable!

In the end, it's all worth it and I will keep handling any other weirdness this pregnant has to hand me. We spent so long wanting her and while it hasn't been the simplest path, it isn't the hardest either. 

And besides, any discomfort I might be having is worth it. After all, look at that face :)

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