Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3rd Trimester, Orange Pee Jugs, ER visits and More

I went missing again. It's been a while. I've been busy. Nothing fun.

So I am 29 weeks tomorrow, last Thursday marked the beginning of the 3rd trimester for me and I am excited that I am here. This has not been the easiest pregnancy for me compared to A.'s. Sure with A. I was the kind of sick where you want to lay on the floor until it stops two weeks after giving birth, but really, besides that, no complications till the end. It was a solid 7 or 8 on the pregnancy scale, with 1 being where people don't make it out alive and 10 being your Heidi Klum (I'm convinced someone in her family made a pack with the Devil or gypsies - that shit is just un-normal).

This pregnancy? Erm, not so much. It's still rocking a solid 6 but I'm feeling like a 4. I got over the hurtle of a SCH that showed at 9 weeks and healed completely by week 20. I already peed in an orange jug for good measure back in week 13 due to headaches that started back then and are still there now. The highlight was finding out in week 20 that the baby was healthy, kidneys and all - finding out she was a girl was just a perk. Started seeing a chiropractor at 21 weeks for severe sciatica pain and horrible misaligned hips. Around that time I also started having constant, daily crotch pain, the kind where it feels like someone stomped on your lady bits with soccer cleats, fun fun. Which brings me to the fun of now...

Surprise, ha, I'm being watched weekly right now for preeclampsia. I am at slightly higher risk, depending on what you read, because I had it with A. but I was really, really, hoping it wouldn't happen. It now appears to be the question of when versus if.

My blood pressure normally is very good, 105/60. So around week 18 for my OB visit it picked up with my bottom number being 68, they marked it in my file but nothing of too much concern, I had after all come straight from work and was running late. Then my 22 week check showed 110/72 - still reasonable but once again, higher than my normal. The OB I saw wanted me to start checking at home (my FIL gave me an automatic one - thank goodness he's in nursing school!). I faithfully took it every day at different times, but it was always back in the 110's/60s range and they were happy with that.

Then my appointment at 26 weeks happened and my blood pressure was too high for me, 134/82. I was sent home with a new lab order to pee in that orange jug again for 24 hours and run more labs. My OB told me to come in the next week so we could discuss the results. So at my 27 week OB appointment, we discussed the results , which came back okay, not great but I wasn't preeclamptic, yet. My liver and kidneys showed they were still functioning fine but my protein levels were at 292 - you are diagnosed with preeclampsia when your number hits 300.

That weekend I ended up in the ER with horrible pain on my right side under my ribs. I called the OB who advised it was probably my gallbladder and to go in to be sure. The ER concluded it to be the same, did an ultrasound, checked the babies heart beat, gave me a bag of Zophran and sent me on my way. No stones, thankfully, just one pissed off gallbladder - great.

At my next appointment at 28 weeks my blood pressure was good again, 121/72 but I now had a migraine I couldn't get rid of with blurred vision and spots. She sent me home with some anti-nausea meds and told to take it easy. She said I could go to work as long as I felt well enough to go but that she still wasn't putting me on bed rest. I finished out the week before calling my OB again who this time prescribed a migraine medication. It worked well enough that I finally got a night of sleep Friday night.

Saturday I ended up vomiting so hard there was blood and my blood pressure spiked at 144/86. I was short of breath despite my inhalers, my head was pounding and I had the blurred vision again. I called the OB on call - the one and only OB in the practice of course who I hate with a passion - who told me my blood pressure was "a great number" and that she wouldn't see me in labor and delivery until my blood pressure was 160/110 but I could go to the ER if I felt I was really "that sick". I basically thanked her and hung up. She was the one who delivered A. and for reasons during that labor, I've disliked her since.

I spent all weekend being sick, barely keeping fluids down. I called my OB the moment the office opened on Monday and described what was happening. She told me to come into L&D for monitoring and fluids. I ended up spending about 6 hours in L&D when all was said and done. My blood pressure was 134/82 when I got there but with medication and fluids I was finally allowed to go home when it came down to 121/66, a much better number. I honestly think just having fluids and meds to knock me out (I ended up taking a 2 hour nap there) helped calm me down.

My labs came back okay again, liver and kidneys are still functioning and my platelets were a good number. I got to come home with one more orange jug, which I just dropped off at the lab. I have my follow up visit tomorrow with her in the afternoon. She's already let me know that if my number is 300 or above I'm being put on bed rest and depending on what else happens, other medication.

With me being 29 weeks tomorrow she said the only goal is to keep me pregnant and the baby healthy for as long as possible, to which I said was my only goal as well. 

I'm trying to be optimistic of course, having confidence in my OB and her practice (minus that one) to keep the baby and me safe. The plan is simple - stay pregnant. I plan on staying pregnant for many more weeks and hope with careful monitoring I'm able too.

Besides, I'm not ready to be done with my last pregnancy and she needs more time to grow.

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