Saturday, July 13, 2013

C-section hospital bag

Due to various reasons and careful consideration, I'm having a c-section with this baby. One nice thing about knowing in advance is that it allows me to skip an entire bag of crap and lugging a birthing ball with me to the hospital. Yay!

Of course, none of the things below show the boring stuff like insurance cards, IDs and paper work. Our hospital lets us pre-register so I will do that a few weeks before to save some time.

That being said, the hospital bag I plan on packing this time is very different than the bag I packed last time. I lugged with me so much crap I never even unpacked (card games, books, baby book - I just ended up snagging the important items like the bracelets and bassinet card and putting them in after). So going off of what I actually needed and wanted in the hospital, this is what I plan on packing next time around.

And yes, I am aware this still looks like a lot of stuff. Maybe you can birth with less stuff and maybe this time around none of this will be helpful either. Meh. Who knows?

I haven't started packing my bags yet, it's oh, just a tad early, but knowing what I want in them already makes me feel more relaxed. That being said, this is what I plan on packing for my scheduled C-section hospital bag.

After delivery
  • electronics:
    • phone + charger
    • camera + memory card + charger
  • snacks: I was starving after birth and it was no where near a meal time
    • San Pellegrino Aranciata - my hospital has water, juice or shasta
    • chicken noodle soup - check for a microwave on the maternity floor
    • trail mix - love the kinds from Target
    • chicken in a biskit crackers - so salty, so yummy
  • celebration supplies: I didn't even think of this last time but I wish I would have!
    • Sparkling juice - St. Julian's is my favorite - it's made locally in Michigan
    • cheese, meat and crackers
    • chocolates
Hospital Stay
  • baby needs: my hospital provides diapers, wipes and a nose sucker
    • gowns: the hospital I deliver at has long sleeve shirts but I prefer baby gowns for warmth and comfort plus they are adorable
    • baby toiletries: I prefer either Baby Aveeno or Burts Bees products
    • my breast friend: I used a boppy with A.
    • aden + anais swaddle blankets: I'm a huge lover of swaddling
    • nighty night nursing light: the only light near the bed was blinding
  • mommy needs:
    • Toiletries: I plan on bringing just my very basic favorites
      • Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Red Dahlia
      • Physician's Formula mineral wear correcting powder
      • Shampoo and conditioner - love the smell of Burt's Bees
      • Tooth brush, tooth paste and floss
      • Hair brush and hair ties
      • Neutrogena pink grapefruit wipes
      • Hair dryer - for gently drying my scar, towels hurt
    • Flip flops: The floors of hospitals are cold, hard and gross.
    • Depends: Yes, I am really bringing one large package of Depends. The hospital where I delivered gave me mesh undies and huge pads. But the pads don't stick. And the mesh panties made my butt itch. It was like wearing itchy panty hose with a huge non stick pillow that shifts around and still lets you leak up your back side. No thanks.
    • My own pillow and fuzzy blanket: Maybe it was because of the c-section or maybe because hospital beds just suck, but I was more uncomfortable sitting and sleeping in that bed then I was walking around after massive surgery.
    • Night gowns: Once I get unhooked from the IV and everything else, I plan on changing out of hospital gowns. They made me itch like crazy, so I plan on picking up some cheap button down ones from Wal-Mart, ones I won't be hurt if they still get ruined. Plus,every nurse and every OB on the floor needed access to my girly bits at all hours of the day. I won't even bother with pants at the beginning, it hurt to have anything even on my stomach and bending over was out of the question.
    • Comfy bra: Comfort is more important than support at the beginning, at least for me.
    • Lansinoh Gel Soothies: My nipples were so very sore and so very beat up from A.'s first attempt at latching and these felt wonderfully fantastic.
    • Cotton robe: I didn't bring one with me last time and wished I would have. I want a robe to hide my ta-tas when My Dad comes to see me. I also want it to be long because I felt like a beached whale with my ass hanging out after birth and more coverage equals less whale exposed.
Going Home
  • mommy outfit: Nothing special, just maternity clothes that don't come any where near my incision. It hurt like hell if anything even came near it.
    • Loose top
    • Pregnancy sweats - My jeans were too tight with the band on my stomach so I ended up wearing pj bottoms home. Classy.
    • Slip on shoes
    • Belly bandit - I didn't have one with A. but want to give it a try this time
  • baby outfit
    • Sleeper with feet in both newborn and 3 month - I know the feet thing sounds like a duh, but seriously, when we were getting ready to go A. was still wearing a gown and well, you can't put a baby in a car seat wearing a gown. Also, A. was a good size, 8lbs even at birth but had lost weight and was swimming in his 3 month onsie I had packed (his 4D scans said he was supposed to be 10+lbs!). I wish I would have brought at least one newborn with me.
    • Hat - Besides being practical, who doesn't love a baby in a hat?
    • Newborn mittens - I thought these were stupid, I mean, it's just one more gimic right? No. Poor A. scratched his poor face up on the way home and I wish I had put the mittens on him.
    • Pacis - A. used them and I have no idea if the next one will but I planned on bringing a few just to be safe. If you are anti-paci, skip them.
  • Car seat - with base installed in car
    • Last time we brought the car seat up with us and all it did was take up space. Save yourself some space and leave it in the car until you're ready to actually leave.
    • In full disclosure, I really, really wanted the Uppababy Mesa that's pictured. It goes with our Vista and it's so beautifully designed. But my frugal side wouldn't let me spend the money. This is our last baby so I just couldn't justify the cost. Instead I picked up a Snugride 35 in the pattern Orlando which has the Gracopedic foam. It was on sale and at just under $110 at the time, a great deal. We used the same kind for A. minus the extra foam and infant padding and that seat lasted till he was at least 13 months old.
I'm sure your thinking, what am I packing The Husband? Um, nothing. We live 4 minutes from the hospital plus he will have A. to watch so really, he's on his own.

Anything I missed?

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