Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Gender Reveal Party

So last weekend was our big gender reveal party! I kept it super simple and just invited our parents and siblings to the party. I couldn't have asked for a better day for weather, so we had it in our back yard.

We still haven't figured out that family picture thing yet. Oh well.

It turned out great and I loved having our families with us to hear the news.

My Dad and his Wife even made it despite heavy traffic on the highway.

And of course My Brother and Sister-in-Law stopped after work.

I don't know what was up with my Sister-in-Law in this picture, but I promise she was having a good time!

Décor was simple, a few balloons My Mom picked up and blue and pink plates, napkins and silverware.

I served a simple menu of pizza, chips and watermelon. I also picked up a good amount of blue candy and pink candy. Finding candy with blue and pink wrappers was a bit easier than I actually expected. I ended up using Hersey's Bliss White Chocolate and Hersey's Cookies n Cream Kisses for the blue candy and Starburst FaveReds and mini boxes of Willy Wonka Grape and Strawberry Nerds for the pink.

And lots of drinks. Besides the usual pop choices, I also served Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon which A. was so excited to pick out. I don't think he's ever had Hawaiian punch before so he was very excited to drink it. I also picked up Simply Lemonade Raspberry, I love that stuff!

After eating, we had A. bust open a piñata to reveal what we were having. I didn't want to spend a fortune on either the piñata or the candy for inside it (same as the candy above) so when I found this tiny baby carriage piñata for $8 it was perfect!

A. was really excited to be able to swing a big stick and bust something open.

I stepped in to help. Piñatas are tough!

I ended up being the one who knocked it down finally to reveal the... PINK candy!!!

Here's A. trying to get the candy out. He didn't seem to understand the fuss of pink candy, he just wanted to know if he could eat it.

To celebrate, The Husband had ordered two cakes from the place that made our wedding cake. In full disclosure, they mixed up the fillings but oh well. The first one was vanilla cake with a strawberry buttercream filling. So yummy!

The next was a chocolate cake with blue tinted butter cream. Their frosting is so, so full of sugar it makes your mouth buzz.

A. was so excited to eat cake he asked for a bit if both. I figured, hey, it's a great day, why not let him? He was still bouncing off the walls that night at 9. Oops!

So there you have it... we're having a GIRL!!!

Well 80% chance it's a girl... baby is in there, facing out and in the breech position with her legs folded up and underneath so the tech could only be 80% sure. I have another scan next month to check on the position and redo some measurements that they couldn't get because of the position, so we will check then too. Stay tuned!

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