Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My SCH: Subchorionic Hematoma

So with my news that I'm pregnant comes excitement and happiness. Like how everyone in mine and The Husband's family is super excited. My in-laws were not in the state when I was pregnant with A. and didn't see him until he was nearly 15 months, so they are pretty much freaking out with excitement. Also, A. has determined that the babies name is Hulk and now hugs my belly before work and says "bye hulk". It makes my heart melt.

Oh, and my pregnancy also came with the news that I have a SCH or subchorionic hematoma. Yay for me.

If you haven't ever heard of it, which I hadn't, it's where you have a blood clot and it is usually between the wall of the uterus and your placenta. I of course, have made the mistake of Googling SCH. Bad, bad idea. If you weren't sure how bad something pregnancy related can be, a Google search will not help you. 

I found difficulty finding postive outcomes for pregnancies with SCH. I'm not sure if it's because people who have SCH but go onto have healthy babies would rather not share or think about it, I don't know, but it wasn't exactlty the reassurance I was craving.

Anywho, it all started back when I was 8 weeks and 6 days along. I was giving A. a bath and when I stood up from washing his hair I felt a gush. I actually thought I had peed myself, classy I know. So when I checked and saw bright red blood every where, I started bawling immediately. The Husband put A. to bed while I cleaned myself up and laid down.

I called the OB on call who explained it was a wait and see kind of situation. She said that if I kept bleeding for more than 4 hours, it was probably a miscarriage. Either way, she wanted me to come in, in the morning for a visit.

In the morning I had an ultrasound at the hospital (they couldn't squeeze me in the morning like they wanted) and expected the worse. For 20 minutes the tech said nothing and I stared at the ceiling tiles above me in silence. To my disbelief, the tech was able to find the heartbeat on the baby. I remember staring at the screen not believing that my baby was alive. There was just too much blood for my baby to be alive. But there on the screen was the proof.

I got dressed and walked to my car where once my door was closed I burst into sobs. Sobs of joy. Sobs of relief. Sobs of being emotionally drained.

My OB called me shortly after to tell me I had a SCH that measured 3x5cm in size. She said the placenta was firmly attached and baby was measuring exactly 9 weeks and 0 days and that while it wasn't fantastic news, they at least had figured out the cause.

I was told to go home and "take it easy", not to lift anything more than 10-15 pounds and to top it off, that I was now on pelvic rest, i.e, nothing else should be going on down there for a while. So that is what I have been doing, taking it easy.

And eventually it stopped. I was still taking as many breaks as I could and sat with my feet up while at work (I have an office job this pregnancy, thank goodness!). Everything was going good until last Friday. When it started all over again.

I called my OB who told me to lay down and stay laying down for the weekend. I had My Mom help me finish Passover dinner as I had made the soup and pot roast already by this time. It was both a relaxing Passover, to be surrounded by family that I knew was praying for me, but beyond stressfull wondering if my baby was once again okay.

This Monday I had an appointment scheduled already so I went in. They did another ultrasound and baby was still there, still kicking (literally!) and it's heart rate was 156-160 every time they scanned it. Baby also measured a week ahead at 11weeks and 3 days though the tech thought it might just be a long baby.

In a turn of wonderful news, my OB called today to report she can no longer visably see the clot and that she believes it may be in the begining stages of healing it self. Yay!!! I'm still supposed to take it easy and see her in 2 weeks but she was very confident that there is no longer a large clot anymore.

I hope that this is the only hiccup in the road for this pregnancy. But if it isn't, we'll figure that out too :)


Anonymous said...

Whilst searching for something positive regarding SCH I came across your post, thank you!

Stephanie said...

You're welcome! It's scary to have a SCH but I was blessed that my outcome turned out good :)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I was diagnosed with a subchorionic Hematoma. I was so incredibly scared, they measured a 7.8 cm clot and told me it should go away ln its own but I would continue to have bleeding. Your post gave me hope. At 11 weeks 4 days I can say my baby and I will survive this, not the most fun I've ever had but we are fighters!

Amy said...

Thank u for this x

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with this a week ago-- I am 9 weeks and 3 days today. Everybody tells me not to stress and to just take it easy (way easier said than done)! I had very little bleeding when it started a week ago. My OB didn't not tell me the detentions. I again had a little bleeding yesterday and I'm trying to rest a lot. This is my second baby and I am 30. I am more emotional and exhausted than #1 already (who is 5) this threw more over the edge. Thank you for the positive note... I will keep you and your fighter in my prayers as well!