Saturday, March 30, 2013

I've got a story to tell you

I wrote a while back that in January I had a HSG done. I had read the rumor that your fertility might slightly increase after a HSG but my OB never mentioned it and I put no stock in it at all. I was just glad the news was good that my tubes were open.

During January I did not take or chart my BBT at all and for the first month in a long while, didn't use ovulation tests. I had some random cramping on one side 23 days into my cycle but I didn't get my hopes up. I feel crampy all throughout my cycle so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Then I had my accident at the beginning of February. In order to get a CT scan done with the dye the ER ran a blood pregnancy test, that came back negative. I was deemed not pregnant and had a CT scan and popped muscle relaxes for the next week off and on. I felt horrible but after all, I had just been hit, literally, by a propane tanker, so I didn't question anything.

After finally going back to work The Husband and I then had our first RE visit. No exams or ultrasounds were done and I went home with scripts and plans to get pregnant.

Two days after the RE visit, it was Friday night and I wanted a drink. I had been in a car accident and seen the RE for the first time, all in a span of less than two weeks. I was mentally exhausted. But I always test before I drink. Always. I'm not about to go out and buy peach schnapps and not be able to drink it, so I bust out a pregnancy test.

Annoyed that all I had were good ones, you know, brand name, not cheapy $1 ones, I tested late at night and stared in disbelief when it turned positive, instantly. I actually remember laughing at loud and thinking, "yeah, I don't get positives". I fumbled around and found a second test and used that one. Positive.

I remember staring at them and walking slowly out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. The Husband had already dozed off when I woke him up. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hey, hey, wake up. I'm pregnant.

The Husband (half asleep): okay

Me: No seriously I'm pregnant.

The Husband (starting to wake up): Are you sure?

Me: I took two tests. [I shove them at him] The good kind! Brand name!

The Husband (wide awake): Good ones? The good ones say pregnant?!

Me: Yes!

The Husband (awake): That's fantastic honey.

So yes, you are reading that right... I'm pregnant!!!

Yes, yes I am. I am 10 weeks pregnant, 11 weeks next Thursday. I have a baby and I've seen it two times on ultrasound already.

So there you have it. Yes. I am that woman who had been struggling for 14 months to get pregnant and then managed to get herself pregnant the month that no charting, no OPTs and no ovulation drugs were used.

I'm that woman who took a month off of trying and got pregnant. I'm that woman who "stopped trying so hard" and magically get pregnant. It's one of those stories I used to read and would be happy but also secretly thinking, "good for you, you lucky bitch".

The fact that when my friends and family found out and about half of them basically said, "see! you just needed to relax and not try!" didn't help. But there you have it. I managed to get pregnant during my 14th month of TTC.

So it turns out that I was pregnant, but only by 5 days, when I had my accident and was 4 weeks pregnant when I had my RE visit. Yup, I'm that jerk that showed up to her RE pregnant :)

Our family knows and some close friends, but I haven't put it on Facebook, yet. Funny how pregnancies are now judged as Facebook public or not :)

I just can't wait for October 24 to get here so we can meet our baby. I feel so very blessed.


sanctimomious said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So exciting! :)

Stephanie said...

Thank you!!!