Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First trip to the RE

I'm behind again, but only by two weeks.

The day before Valentine's day we, The Husband and I, made a trip to see the RE. We both took the day off, left A. with My Mom and I made sure to shave, you know, just in case.

We arrived at our appointment and were impressed by the waiting room. It had a mini fridge with bottles of water. Fancy.  We filled out the standard forms and I handed over the ones I had completed before hand. I have never been so thorough on a medical questionnaire and found myself wondering if one can share too much detail about ones, getting it on.

There were two other women in the waiting room. They both had smiled at each other and it was clear they were "regulars" by how relaxed they seemed. The Husband and I instead had the nervous, fidgety, we're new here, look. I smiled weakly at the one, who nodded back at me. I was really, really glad we had left A. at home. I'm not sure what the "rules" are about kids, but I didn't wanna seem like that jerk at the RE's office.

We waited only a short amount of time before our lovely nurse called us back. It was pretty standard, height and weight check (ugh) with a blood pressure check. I had to quick use the bathroom and apparently while I was away, the nurse asked The Husband about his performance. He made me laugh when he retold it later, saying he was caught off guard, despite being at the RE and responded to her question by answering, "Uh, yeah, fine. Just fine. You can ask my wife." He's so cute.

When I got back, the nurse and I went over my whole reproductive health history since I was young and answered a bunch of questions I'm sure by now, doesn't phase her at all, but made me smile at times.

Eventually she was done and we waited a few minutes for the RE. He didn't do an exam, like I expected him to, but instead just asked a few more questions, more about my pregnancy with A., the chemical pregnancy and how I reacted to the mini pill after I had A.

He said after reviewing my case, he felt I have PCOS. He indicated that there is no one test, but that given all of my test results to date, my history, symptoms /signs and family history, PCOS was the best explanation. He still wanted to run a few more blood tests but was confident in his diagnosis.

The solution was simple, he explained and included a three phase plan. He sent me home with scripts for clomid 150mg and ovidrel. He let me know to call back on the first day of my cycle and that then on day 14 they would do an u/s to see what was happening. If everything looked good, he explained that I would fill the ovidrel and they would tell me how to inject myself.

If that didn't end up working after a few cycles his suggested plan was to move on to introducing metformin for one to two months, followed up by clomid, ultrasound and ovidrel.

If all of that didn't work, he said he would explain the next step but that it involved fertility shots. Yuck.

I left the office excited knowing that I just had to wait for my cycle to start so the next [art of this journey could begin. I remember feeling more relaxed than I had in months.

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sanctimomious said...

Great news!! Its a scary first step, but a BIG jump closer to baby. Good luck!!!