Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feels great to be alive

I've been missing again. But I actually have a good reason. I was in a car accident two weeks ago, on the 4th. I'm okay.

My car is not. My poor 2007 Chevy Aveo. It put up a good fight.

I was traveling on a well traveled local county highway. It was snowing, lake effect snow, since the night before. It was covering up a layer of frozen ice below it.

I took my normal route, going an un-normal 35mph on a 55mph road. I attempted to get into the left turn lane, slowing to 15mph, to turn up a hill towards my work, like I have done hundreds of times before.

Only this time, instead of coming to a stop before crossing traffic, my car slid into the turn lane and kept going. I tapped my breaks (no ASB) and just kept sliding. It was clear I wasn't stopping and was about to cross over the center line. I started blaring my horn for a warning to the on-coming traffic whizzing past me.

I missed the first car. Clipped the second on the back brake light - a Jeep, I was later told. Missed the third. Missed the forth.

I came to a stop. Half of my car was in the turn lane and half into the on-coming traffic lane. I started shaking and then looked up. The fifth car in line, wasn't a car, it was a propane tanker.

I remember seeing it try to stop, the cab flying past my car on the right and coming to a stop, jack-knifing itself in front of me. I looked up and saw the back part of the tanker starting to swing back towards me. It was going to hit me.

I don't know how long it took for it to hit me. I remember looking in my rear view mirror and looking at my son's car seat. I remember thinking that I was going to die. I closed my eyes and thought of A.

I always imagined in the instance before you die, that your life flashes across your mind. That everything seems perfect and beautiful. It didn't. It wasn't.

I had only one thought. It was of A. that morning. Sitting on the couch in his jammies. The tops of his penjuin jammies I bought him for Christmas and the bottoms of his Sponge Bob jammies that were hand-me downs. I thought of his smile and how he had teased me that morning about not wanting to hug me by sticking his tongue out and wagging it at me. I remembering starting to cry because I knew that I remembered my last memory of him, but I worried he wouldn't over time remember me.

When the propane tanker hit me, it hit me with the two middle tires. I don't remember the feeling as much as I remember the sound. A horrible metal crunching sound. Once my car came to a second stop, I opened my eyes. I remember seeing my wind shield, cracked and popped off in the right corner. I remember looking up and seeing his car seat again. His moo car seat.

I reached for my phone and called 911. I burst into tears on the phone, both of relief that I was alive and now because of pain. I hit both knees on the dash and of course where my seat beat had been it burned. The drivers all got out, everyone was fine, and I remember rolling my window down. I remember being sleepy and dizzy.

Eventually the county sherrif, firefighters and EMT arrived on the scene. They were suprised my air bags didn't go off and more suprised that I seemed okay. They put a colar around my neck and back boarded me out of my car.

I remember when they were strapping me onto the gourney that it started snowing again. Soft, fluffy snow flakes. The kind you try and catch with your tongue as a child. It was light out by this time and I remember closing my eyes to how harsh the light seemed.

I rode, slowly, due to road conditions, to the hospital. My work and The Husband were called and tests were run once I got there to see if I was pregnant; the blood test came back negative. They put in an IV and started giving me meds.

Eventually they took me off the board but kept the colar on. The Husband got there and he called my Mom, who was watching A. that morning.

I eventually got a CT scan of my kneck and hips, where I had the most pain, and was cleared to go home. I came home on muscle relaxes and missed work for a week. That night I ended up sleeping part of the night in A.'s bed.

The car was a total loss and I've already bought a new one, a 2011 Chevy Equinox. What can I say? We've now totaled two Chevy's (a 2006 Impala that The Husband rear ended a Jeep with a lift kit) and walked away from both. They have my vote.

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