Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MIA again


No, no I'm sure you're not that I went missing. Why? No good reason, just busy with life, another round of clomid and the holidays.

Tomorrow is A.'s birthday and while we won't be doing anything besides going out for dinner, his family birthday party will be this weekend, I'm so excited to celebrate his birthday.

These four years have not been easy at times. We, as a family, have struggled through colic, poor feeding and weight gain, acid reflux, SPD and everything that entails, speech delay, poor motor control planning, temper tantrums and tears. There has also been happiness, smiles and love.

I will be honest and say, A. is not the child I expected to get. I will be honest and say being his mom some days is harder than I expected it to be. I will be honest and say that I can't imagine life without him. I can't imagine A. any other way then what he is, which is himself.

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