Thursday, November 15, 2012

IEP time

We had A.'s IEP yesterday. It went really great. You know, as great that a meeting about your child and their special needs can go.

He still has a considerable delay in his speech. Whereas before they indicated how many months, 18 months on his last IEP, they didn't indicate this time. I wasn't sure if that was because it increased or stayed the same, I didn't even remember to ask.

Instead, the meeting focused on a new set of services A. now qualifies for: OT servies. He receives them already in his classroom but not one-on-one servies. Well now, he qualifies for services all by himself. Yay!

You see, I have been gently nagging mentioning his sensory issues with his new teacher since the 2nd day of school. I adore, puffy heart adore, his teacher this year. She is the perfect kind of special needs teacher. Young. Fun. Loving. Perfect. And she agreed to pass her concern along to the OT, who did a formal OT evaulation.

The final conclusion based on observations, formal testing and charts, A. has poor motor planning. Was I suprised? No, no, not at all. Poor motor planning is common with children with speech apraxia as well as children with SPD.

It's bitter sweet though, to be right. To know that certain things just seem off. As his mom, I'm happy he is getting more services that he does really need. I'm just sad that he needs them at all.

But saddness aside, that's a parent's job, to be your child's best advocate, to get them anything and everything that can help them be the best person they can be. And I know, he will be. A. will be an awesome, highly functioning, caring, quirky, Star Wars loving human being by the time he grows up.

He is already off to a great start :)

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