Monday, November 26, 2012

Hanukkah 2012: Kids activities

So I recently posted about a latke round up which is good because it's now less than two weeks away. It's very easy to find recipes for fried food, a simple google search late at night will leave you hungry! Finding kids activities for Hannukah is just a smidgin harder but here are some ideas I hope to try with A. this year or in the future.

Hanukah countdown calender
So, yes, this is essentially an advent calender, just for Hannukah. I don't care, it's adorable. Children need a visual, concrete idea, to help with holidays. A. has his own menorah, actually two, and he likes counting the candles, but I like the idea of this streamer one. It's cute, it's simple and I like it. The only thing I would do different though is to use more durable supplies like ribbon and felt, so it could be used each year.

Felt Driedel Garland
I have an excess of felt right now from working on A.'s fabric Torah quiet book, so this looks like an excellent idea! I think sewing them could be a better bonding method but I like that this version is a no-sew one.

How freakin adorable is this? I think it would work on a platter that you could serve latkes on each year.

Pipe cleaner Star of Davids
I think making a bunch of these and hanging them from the windows with yarn would be cute. We have an electric menorah we put in the window already but these would be a good addition.

Recycled driedel "paper dolls"
I like that you make little people out of each driedel with whatever craft supplies you have on hand.

Hopefully with our full schedule we can try at least one of these out!


Lauren jonczak said...

Great post! I was looking up kids indoor activities when I came across your post. I am taking my niece and 2 nephews for a week while my sister goes on vacation. I don't have kids so I am a little nervous. I just want them to have fun. This is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I will have to add this to my list of things.

Stephanie said...

Lauren I'm glad you found the list helpful! And don't worry, even mom's get nervouis about trying to intertain their kids indoors!