Saturday, November 24, 2012

Clomid round 1: a bust?

Well... this first round of clomid seems to have been a bust. Normally, as if infertility can be normal, when you take clomid it should make you ovulate 5 to 9 days after your last dose. You can confirm this by your BBT charts, OPK sticks and other things I'm just going to gloss over.

So what happened to me between that time period? Nothing. I apparently don't like to play by the rules. My ovaries clearly think they are too cool. Nope. Nothing yet. Oh well... maybe this one will end up being a cycle I naturally ovulate anyways and it will still be a good cycle.

Plus through my endless Google searching I have read ovulation can show up later too while on clomid. But that's part of my problem, if it shows up, it's very late with a short luteal phase... so having ovulation late while taking clomid to me, means it didn't work and I enjoyed hot flashes, headaches, back aches and constantly blood noses just for shits and grins.

In the mean time however, I will remind myself that there are perks to not being pregnant. Just to name a few:
  • Drinking: once I know for sure, I will enjoy some peach schnapps
  • Peeing: as in, I don't have the urge to pee every 15 minutes, I can still hold it
  • Food: I can still eat any food I want without it making me want to hurl
  • Bedtime: I can stay awake past 7:30
  • Sushi: if I wanted to stray from my veggie ones for fish I still can
  • Caffene: I can drink as much as I can stand
  • Extreme sports: not that I'm gonna go sky diving really, but I like to know I could
  • Bitchiness: I can be one just to be one
Yay for me :)

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