Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Asthma attacks: a way to start a day

I'm home today and skipping work because aparently my lungs suck at their job too. If you haven't ever had one, count yourself lucky, because they hurt. My chest burns, it hurts to breathe in and out and you feel like you can't get enough air in no matter how deeply you try to breathe. The key is not to panic, which is a mighty hard thing to do, or else it makes the attack worse.

So as you might guess, waking up to an asthma attack at 5AM isn't the greatest wake up alarm. My head is still woozy and my chest still slightly burns. I have an appointment this afternoon because during my attack I remembered I didn't have a valid prescription anymore for my inhalers, because I never made my follow up visit... opps. Thankfully A. uses the same rescue inhaler so I bummed it off of his (the only time ever that I share meds, promise!).

 But it could be worse, I have a very, very mild form of asthma and honestly this is the first attack I've had in over six months. I'm considered to have well managed asthma. Even so, I'm taking the day easy. A. and I ate bagels on the couch and are now just relaxing in our jammies.

Hopefully I'll have something more exciting than an asthma attack to talk about later in the week.

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Neil Kash said...

Asthma can be triggered by different factors, any time, anywhere, that's why, you have to make sure you have your medicines always. Rest and don't push yourself to work. Do you consult your physician about your asthma?

-Neil Kash @