Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jewish Quiet Book

The last week or so has been busy with the Jewish high holy days. We celebrated Rosh Hashanah with a nice dinner and eating apples with caramel. Today is Yom Kippur and A. and I are on our way to temple to celebrate this morning.

It is my first time going to Yom Kippur services and I know what to expect but A. doesn't. I have a bunch of things packed for him but on my quest to find activities, I came across the idea of quiet books. The idea is they are soft activity books that could potentially keep your child entertained long enough to be quiet. Have you seen them around?

I adore this Bible Quiet Book by Laura's Thoughts. The detail and attention is amazing. I love her Jonah and the whale one!

This Quiet Book by Strawberry Ruckus has the cutest 7 days of creation I have seen! I love the idea of flaps. A. still loves board books with flaps and doors.

I love the idea and I love the idea of A. having one for Temple. This of course, is not a simple craft. It is an involved one that will take time. I'll probably get it done in time for A.'s kids to play with it. But I wanna take the plunge anyways. I use to love making felt story boards for the classrooms I was in back when I was in college and this is only slightly more involved than those.

Plus, if I start right now, maybe I can get it done in time for Hanukkah. Which Hannukkah? I don't know but let's aim for 2012 which gives me until December 8th this year if I want to give it to him the first night.

I plan on posting how it's going as I go along. Wish me luck!

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