Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school

So everyone and their munchkin started school yesterday it seems. Well not my munchkin. He started today.

Doesn't he look happy?

Yeah, I didn't think so either. Ya Ya took the photo and she said he would only allow so many, so that was the first one.

Followed by this one. Well at least he doesn't look in pain in that one.

I want each school year photo to be on the steps. That way, I can do the, wow, look at the difference. I mean, look at the difference between his picture from this year and the one from April 2011 when he first went to the 2's classroom.

And this was him when he started the 3's classroom. Yes, I know it's not on the front steps. It was January 2012, they were covered with snow, give me a break.

I can't believe how fast he's growing. A. has a new teacher this year and she seems fantastic. I have a teacher crush. She is a brand new teacher, with this being only her second year teaching. She seems full of energy and ideas and was so warm and friendly at the open house last night. I have great hopes for A. this year for school, not only his speech but also working on his SPD. I'm hoping his new teacher is more open to discussing his SPD and getting the OT involved again.

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