Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mermaid Nursery

I talked before about how I won't have an actual room that is the nursery, instead it will just be in our room. However, that doesn't stop me from collecting inspiration for nurseries. My pinterest board is full of ideas and it occured to me I should probably make up some room boards to help narrow down my ideas. Not that there appears to be any rush, but still, I like to pass the time by obessing.

I have a few themes in mind including mermaids, unicorns, faeries and sleeping beauty for a girl and well, one theme for a boy, Star Wars. I also by the way, hate the idea of themes. Themes quickly turn into tacky. There is a fine line between a room with a nod to it's theme and Yoda thrown up on every surface.

I love the idea of a mermaid room. Even though The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie, I don't mean that kind of mermaid nursery. One that is more a nod to under water mixed with mermaids. Once again, just because it's a mermaid nursery doesn't mean it has to have a mermaid on everything.

mermaid nursery

1) Natural Capiz shells pendant - $227
2) Coral branch fabric - $17.50 a yard; for curtains or other accessories
3) Heather Ross Mendocino Collection - fabric is discontinued; for quilt and crib skirt
4) knitted blood orange pouf - $89.95
5) Sea Horse Mobile in Red - $32.50
6) Take Me to the Sea art print - $18
7) Orange bubble fitted crib sheet - $48
8) Orange coral reef rug - $339 for a 5x7
9) Lauren 4-in-1 Crib - $159.99
10) Jelly fish rattle - $15
11) Octopus hook - $14
12) Mermaid doll - $49
13) Vintage mermaid print - $19.99 for a 11x17
14) Blue coral pillow case - $40
15) Orange glider - $999 (okay so this is no where near my budget, but I love it)

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