Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's talk crib bedding

Before I got pregnant with A. I spent a good amount of time looking at inspiration for nurseries. Once I got pregnant we decided to be suprised and not find out what we were having. I had some crazy idea about reusing the bedding set and I will probably use parts of it, like the sheets and boppy, but the next baby will be our last and I want to go nuts.

We didn't have much room for a nursery, after all, we lived in a one bedroom apartment, so I couldn't go all crazy or anything last time. A.'s nursery consisted of the extra five feet at the end of our bed, not joking.

This was his crib. My Dad bought it and it is a beautiful crib, very study. It's one that converts to a toddler bed, then day bed and finally a full size bed. A. wouldn't come to realize this until he was 15 months old because we co-slept with him until we moved to the house, but you know, it looked nice as it took up space.

We didn't know what we were having officially, though I just felt like it was a boy from early on, so I picked a gender neutral black, yellow and green bee theme. The bees were a nod to the Seabees, which is what The Husband belonged to at the time in the Navy.

And this was his changing station which was a handy-me down dresser that we still use for A. We slapped the changing pad on top, put up two shelves and called it good.

And honestly, that was A.'s nursery. So this time when we started TTC I went nuts again looking at nursery pictures. I mean, we freakin own a house now. With four bedrooms. Of course any future baby would have it's own nursery!

Until the realization that our house is split, with two up and two down. It should be noted that The Husband pointed this flaw out while buying the house, I simply ignored him. I'm not leaving a toddler and a newborn upstairs while we move down stairs and sure as hell isn't going to be the other way. I also can't put a newborn in A.'s room, he is a crappy sleeper and on top of it, has night terrors where I'll be honest, he screams, yells, hits and whatnot. So um, no.
So that leaves the baby going in our room, which is actually exactly what I want anyways. I feel strongly about room sharing and besides, I would be too nervous to have the baby too far away. Plus I'm too lazy too walk more than a few feet in the dark to get to a fussy baby.

On top of it, I don't even know if this baby will sleep in a crib or if we will co-sleep like we did with A.; I'm leaving that one open ended. But assuming the baby does sleep in a crib, what kind of space are we looking at? Just slightly more than what we had to work with before. Our room is bigger, it's at least 10 by 12 but we also upgraded to a king sized bed and that takes up loads of the room. So once again, I have room for a crib, hamper and a rocker. Woohoo.
Which means, any future "nursery" is going to be all about the bedding. Some bedding sets I love include..

This Bubblegum bedding set from Posh Tots is so bright and colorful, I don't know how you couldn't love it. I think it would go well for a either boy or girl and leaves you open for any kind of accessories in any of those colors.

The Ryleigh bedding set from Caden Lane. I love the colors and all of the patterns in this bedding set. They have a second version as well that has more pink, but I love the robin eggs blue one the best.

This Pixie Baby bedding in aqua set is a bit less intense than the Ryleigh set but simular colors.
This set by Land of Nod, which the call, In the Mix, is less about different colors and more about a monochromatic one. I love the scaloped egde on the crib skirt.

Now what about boy crib bedding sets? Well, first off, I hate almost all of them. I'm sorry but just because a boy has a penis doesn't mean he has to like trains, cars and footballs. Those all rock, don't get me wrong, but why are all of the boy options either so boring or sports related? The only one I've found so far that I like that would fit well with A.'s room which is already blue, grey, red, orange, green and purple would be:

The solid stripes bedding from Land of Nod in grey, red and blue is a simple one. It doesn't have many colors but the simplicity is nice.

So many bedding options out in the world, so very few I like.

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