Monday, July 16, 2012

Potty Training a Boy - Some Questions and Thoughts

So with the joys of parenting a little boy, comes the joys of trying to potty train him. During this process the following questions and thoughs have popped into my mind.

  • Why do little boy underwear, boxers or briefs, have openings in the front? I mean really, why? He's gonna use that but not to pee out of.
  • Why is finding solid colored underwear in a mass market store, so hard? There is the Hanes ones but besides that I end up paying a ton extra so he can have Spiderman on his butt.
  • How many times a day do other mom's spend telling their sons to go to their room so they can love themselves there? This answer better be a high number.
  • When will this stage of announcing it, stop? Does it stop? Oh please, let it stop.
At least he's adorable.

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