Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things that I would tell a teenage girl

There are always tons of lists about things you should teach your kids, or lessons to learn from having a son or a daughter or words of wisdom for young people from old people. Often they are heartfelt and filled with loving sound advice.

I was recently reading one that has become super popular on Pinterest and it got me thinking about the things teenage girls should be told, not that they would listen anyways, but still, someone's gotta say them.
  • High school is NOT the best times of your life. And if they are, wow, you're gonna be mighty dissapointed after your senior year. Middle and high school seem so damn long when you are going through it, and they are at the time, but when you finish, and you will finish some day, it will all seem so stupid. Everything that seemed like a big deal will be a joke and you'll wonder why you got so worked up. Don't feel bad though, it's not your age, adults are guilty of this too. Every class, job or crisis you have as an adult will repeat this pattern too, you just won't know it until it's done.
  • Being a teenager sucks. As does being an adult. They both suck for different reasons. You will come to accept both with time.
  • You're right, she is a bitch. That bitchy girl in school, the one you hate and who hates you back, you're right, she is a bitch, it's not just you. And here's a shocker... she will probably always be one. I'd love to tell you it's because she is hurting deep inside herself and has no one to love her, but honestly, who cares? She's a bitch so just ignore her until you get out of school and then forget all about her. Unless she has a sincere change of attitude due to a near death experience, she will probably always be a nasty person. Accept it and move on and far away from her.
  • Experiment with who you are because you want to. If you want to dress in all black or go by a different name or figure out who and what your attracted to, do it because you want to. You'll regret experimentation less if you do it out of geniune interest and not because of what you think you should be doing or what someone else wants you to do.
  • You don't have to go to college. But you do have to do something with your life. College isn't for everyone and there is no shame in that; everyone is smart in their own way. If you want to have a career that instead involves a trade school or certificate or apprenticeship or hell, is based off an idea you have in your head, go for it! But do something with your life because let's be blunt, society has enough dead weight as it is, don't add to it.
  • You're mom/dad/aunt/uncle/neighbor is right. You're a bitch. Even the nicest girls have their moments. It's fine, just remember to apologize down the road and mean it.
  •  It's okay to be single. You don't need someone else to make you happy or complete you. In fact, don't ever let the other person be the only reason you are happy. It's a dangerous thing to give someone else so much power over your emotions. You can still think being single sucks, because it does, but learn to be happy by yourself.
  • Have at least one interest or hobby. I don't care if it's soccer, Star Wars or under water basket weaving. Find something you enjoy and go with it. Know that it will change and that it should over time as you change as a person. But you should always have something your interested in. People who have no interests or hobbies as teenagers turn into boring grown-ups who think discussing Parade Magazine is a good past time (side note, if you don't know what that is, good, very good).
  • Blow your money on stupid shit now. Seriously. Buy whatever the hell it is you kids buy these days and don't regret it one bit. One day you will have real responsibilities like food and electricity to pay for. Blow your money now when you have the chance.
  • Just because you made one decision doesn't mean your stuck nor does it define what kind of person you are. People, full grown people, make lots and lots of dumb mistakes. It's called being human. You will make decisions you aren't proud of and ones you wish you could take back. You can't. But you can make new decisions. Just because you made one choice doesn't mean you're locked into that road of choices. You're allowed to say, fuck this, I don't want to do/be this anymore. You don't have to be any thing or any label you don't want to be.
There you have it. It of course makes me wonder, what kind of advise could I use now for this stage of my life, late 20's. Yes a list that tells me how not to mess up my 20's, where is that list?

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