Monday, April 2, 2012

Schlepping to find Passover approved matzo

I live in a smallish town. I always hated it growing up but when I became an adult I couldn't imagine living any where else. My mom lives here, my brother lives here, my dad lives about half an hour away, my in-laws and sister-in-law live here and my friends all live here. The majority of the time, I love my small town and it's weird obsession with tulips. Some times though, like during Passover, I find it annoying.

You see, for Passover, I can't use any old matzo. The boxes at Meijer won't work for this week and honestly, I don't eat it any other time of year, so I'm not sure when that matzo would work.

See what that box is missing? No? I didn't either until Rabbi pointed it out. It's missing the Passover approved seal. You see, the only flour item that is approved to eat is matzo if it has been made in under 18 minutes as it would prevent it from being levened. And in order to ensure that it has been made in 18 minutes or less, you must, in my instance, schelpp your way up north 45 minutes to a larger town with a fancy grocery store where everything costs waaaay too much and they still have bag boys who carry out your groceries for tips.

So that's exactly what A., The Husband and I did yesterday. Their Passover selection is large, well, compared to the zero selection anywhere else.

A. was less than pleased with the trip so I picked up six boxes of matzo at almost $4 a box, some boxes of Passover "crackers" and then hurried away from the store.

So what can one make from Matzo? It turns out, a few things, including matzo brei and matzo crack.

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