Sunday, April 1, 2012

Passover - it's coming!

Passover, the Jewish holiday that celebrates the freedom of the Hebrews from slavery, requires a lot of prep work. Last year's Passover was my first one and I started a month in advance. Why so much prep? Well, one has to remove all chametz from their home as Jews are not permitted to eat them as a reminder that the Hebrews didn't have any when they fled from Egypt.

Passover starts at sundown this Friday and what have I done? Nothing. This year, I've been super busy with work and have done nothing to prep for Passover besides pin things lately that I think are cute.

One pin I found was for A. It seems to be hard at times to find age appropriate Passover activities for a 3 year old, but A. loves coloring so I figured this kids coloring page for Passover of the seder plate would be perfect. It use to come from a blog, The Design Pocket, but it has since been closed. Thankfully, you can still find the actual image on her flickr account.

 Last year I went full into Passover and tried to follow as many rules as I felt were meaningful to my family and my beliefs. When I say meaningful to me it's because I'm still not technically Jewish, I'm still in the learning process and figuring it all out, stage. However, even if I was, when I go to temple, I go to a Reform temple whose Rabbi feels that if following ritual law, for example, kashrut or kosher, makes one feel closer to G-d, then one should do it. If it doesn't, then find other ways to be close to G-d. With that and with the request from The Husband, to pull back on some of the rules this year, Passover this year will be observed with some modifications to last years rules.

This year for Passover we are following some basic rules and those include: 
  • No pork, shellfish or insects (it's not as if we do anyways, but just sayin).
  • Milk, veggies and fruits are permitted.
  • Eggs and fish that have scales and fins are permitted and both are considered parve (neutral) and can be mixed with milk or meat.
  • For the week of Passover, chametz which is wheat, barley, spelt, rye and oats that have been mixed with water and allowed to sit for longer than eighteen minutes.
Essentially, we will not be following the rule about kosher only meat as well as mixing meat and milk together. I don't have ample supply to kosher meat in my small town, well, besides kosher hot dogs and fish. Last year it was hard for protein choices and The Husband has requested we try this year with not following this rule. As I live in an interfaith marriage and don't feel all that passionate about kashrut anyways, I agreed.

We will also be eating corn and rice again this year. Also any food that is uneaten by Thursday night and voilates the rules will be "sold" to My Mom for $1, the animals will continue to eat their regular food (it contains chametz), I will be packing special meals for A. for school and The Husband is free to keep and eat chametz at work.

So what does our Passover weekly menu and shopping list look like this year? Not that much off from what I normally plan actually. I list them here in breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack order.
waffles, bananas
pb + jelly, apples, celery
seder: pot roastroasted veggies and flourless chocolate lava cake
string cheese, apples

rice chex cereal, berries
eating at My In-Laws - possibly a challenge
kosher hot dogs, mixed fruit, celery with ranch
matzo toffee/crack

eating at My Dad's - this may be a challenge, it's an Easter lunch with ham
matzo + egg salad, pickles, fruit salad

corn chex cereal, berries
matzo + pb + jelly, bananas, carrots with ranch
pot roast left overs on matzo, fries
hard boiled eggs, cheese and Passover "crackers"

taco chili, matzo and avacado
celery + pb

brown rice "oatmeal", bananas
kosher hot dogs, tator tots, carrots with ranch
salad - chicken, cranberries and walnuts
cheese, Passover "crackers"

corn chex cereal, berries
matzo + pb + jelly, oranges and celery with ranch
taco chili, matzo and avacado
grapes, string cheese

rice chex cereal, bananas
matzo + tuna fish, tomatoes, cheese, apples
shabbot: dark chocolate banana matzo brei, chicken and apple sausage, hashbrowns, fruit
cottage cheese, berries

brown rice "oatmeal", bananas
all leftovers
eating out - something carb loaded as Passover is finished

Now to go grocery shopping. Wish me luck!

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