Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mommy Confessions: Screw you ice cream man, screw you

Because of the ice cream man deciding to roll through my neighborhood at 6:13PM, prime dinner time hour, never mind the fact we weren't eating and haven't even yet, I was forced to lie to my beautiful child.

Look at that face? Look how happy he is. Until I had to lie and tell him we had no money to buy ice cream. No, none at all. No, that wasn't money in his piggy bank. Well okay, it is, but the ice cream man doesn't take that kind of money.

Instead I had to bribe my sad child with a jelly bean or two convincing him they did taste like ice cream. Which of course is a lie. But he let me get away with it after I promised to turn on itunes and let him stare listen to Katy Perry.

Screw you, you ice cream bastard.

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