Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mommy Confession: the grocery store

Before I had A. I always thought when I saw parents pop open a bag of animal crackers or crack a thing of juice, really? How hard is it to pack snacks before you leave you lazy ass.

Yup. That was A. about an hour ago in the grocery store. I could tell you some lame reason like I had just picked him up from Ya Ya's house from work and hadn't planned on stopping at the store, which is true. Or that he was having a whining fit, which is also true. No matter the reason, I am now that mommy. The one who opens packages of snack foods and shoves them at her child so she can just get through the check out line, and I only have one.

To all the other mommie's I've ever judged before, my bad. Well except the ones who are shopping for lacey bras at 9:55PM at Target with one of your kids passed out in the cart and the other eating pop corn while you talk on your cell phone, you still get judged.

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