Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weekend Trip to Chicago

So now that it's almost this weekend I thought I'd talk about last weekend. I'm not sure where you were on St. Patrick's Day but we were in Chicago enjoying the sights. We had a blast despite the freakishly hot weather for March.

We started by taking the train from Indiana. It was the first time I, A. or The Husband had ever taken it. Normally we just drive but the In-Laws and A.'s Auntie thought it would be fun.

It was. A. had a blast looking at everything through the windows. He pointed out "tees" or trees as other's might know them as.

Once we took the hour and a half train into Chicago we ended up with the other, what seemed like million, people down town Chicago. We just missed the beginning of the dying of the Chicago River but seeing it in person was certainly a sight!

As dumb as it sounds, I and The Husband, um, forgot to wear green and I dressed A. in blue. Blue. We kinda stuck out. But at least his hat was green. You can see him just barely above the crowd.

After a lunch stop we ended up at The Lego Store. I had been telling A. for a week about how we were headed to the Lego Store and each time he clapped his hands. He was not disappointed. Excuse the funky face, I caught him mid jumping.

There are displays right at eye-level to look at. A. had to inspect each one.

He found everything interesting until he found the Lego Star Destroyer, the $399 one. A. wanted it so bad.

He even did the, I'm just going to sit here looking adorable, thing.

But thankfully we were able to distract him with Lego Star Wars alarm clocks. I had seen these and pinned them a while ago but hadn't seen them in person.

We told A. he had to pick between Yoda, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and a Storm Tropper.

A. took it very serious and looked at each one.

But finally decided on Boba Fett. I love that he loves it so much and while I could have found it on-line, I love knowing that we bought it as a family on our trip.

After the Lego Store we headed to the parade. A. had a good time looking at all of the people.

We had two or so hours to kill before the next train so The Husband and I visited Urban Outfitter, Anthropologie and stopped to get some iced coffee while the In-Laws and A.'s Auntie sat with him in the park. They were all kinda tired but we were in Chicago, we had energy and money to burn.
Eventually we got back on the train and headed home. A. was so tired he feel asleep minutes after we got into the car. I hope we can do it again next year!

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