Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our First Purim

Last night we celebrated Purim by heading out to Temple. Overall we had a great time with just a few hiccups due to A.'s age, attention span, sensory issues and overall the fun involved with family events.

We started by doing a scavenger hunt around the Temple. It gave clues that involved both the story and places around Temple. At the end A. got a prize, a wooden Haman clacker. A. did really well until a lot of kids got there that were dressed up and started yelling and running around. Oh and Rabbi was dressed up as a clown. A. was not down with the that and gripped tightly to my hand for the next hour. I should add that I didn't dress A. up, I was supposed to have but I wasn't in the mood to wrestle with him. Maybe next year.

Then we ate dinner. Well actually first we waited. Waiting is one of the hardest things for A. or you know, any child, but he did really well. He found it funny to swing his clacker around near my face and see me flinch. After dinner it started getting really loud and A. refused to go play with the other kids up on the bema. We tried to coax him up there but he clung to his seat. He instead spent his time pointing out colors, pointing out the bug on the top of the 50 foot high ceiling and inspecting the painted dots on his clacker. The older couple at the table smiled and commented on how good he was at details and how quiet he was. Yup.

Then we headed into the sanctuary for songs and the retelling of the story. We let A. pick the seats and he picked in the back. He liked the songs and clapped along. Around the beginning of song four he began to cover his ears and shake his head no. By the end of it he began fussing and I had to carry him out into the hallway.

A. and I then listened to the rest of the story in the hallway. Every time everyone would boo and make noise when Haman's name was said, A. would run over to the door and peek in. But we stayed out in the hallway till the end. After the story we went to get hamantaschen, which I finally learned is pronounced as ha-min-tosh-in. Yay for me, one more Hebrew word down!

A. threw a fit because he wanted to pick his own hamantaschen but then wouldn't go near the other kids. We ended the night with The Husband taking a kicking and screaming, made the Rabbi seriously go and investigate what sounded like someone dying in the sanctuary, A. out while I grabbed a napkin of them and dashed out.

Happy Purim everyone!

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