Monday, March 12, 2012

The C Word

This is My Dad. This was the first time he got to hold A., it was shortly after he was born. A. is his first and right now, only grandbaby. You don't know it from the picture but My Dad hasn't always been the smiling type. He was all smiles that day.

Why am I showing you a picture of My Dad? Because tonight My Dad told me that he could have colon cancer. I hate that C word; cancer. We have to wait till Wednesday to find out for sure.

The Husband, who is always the strong one out of us two, tried to reassure me that the doctors said it could be that or it could be something else entirely, they can't be sure. My Dad could be fine. Yup. That's true. But for this moment in time I don't know that, so I'm just going to look at that picture and remember how proud he looked. I'd rather think about that right now.


Sarah Ray said...

i am so sorry to hear that, stephanie. thoughts and prayers.

Stephanie said...

Thanks hon :)