Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Kind of Blog is This?

So I visit lots of different kinds of blogs. Most have a central theme or some clear thought out idea about what every post is going to be about. Some are funny. Some are about food. Some are about families I find interesting. Some are about home decor or DIYs. It varies on my mood really.

Which leads me to the question, what kind of blog is mine? Mine is random and all over the place. It has no rhyme and certainly no reason.

I feel like I should buckle down and figure it out. The sad part is, the only idea I can come up with that I feel is even slightly creative is cooking my way through The Little House Cookbook, inspired of course by Laura Ingalls Wilder's novels. I adored these books and had my mom read them, every book, every year, until middle school. Trust me, I think an adventure of cooking my way through recipes from pulled candy to black bird pie would be more comical then anything else. And as far as a quick google search yields, I can't find a blog devoted to it already that shows one trying to find some of these ingredients.

The sad part? Some of those recipes... I don't want to try. For example, there is a recipe for codfish balls. Um. Fish. In ball form. Um, I feel about as eager to try that as I do for trying out gefilte fish in a few months for Passover.

In the end, my blog is like me, random, OCD, ADHD and lazy when it comes to updating. I'd like to say I will crack down and make this blog focused; but I won't. It will continue to be random... random posts ranging from recipes to activities to DIYs to updates about my life. In the end, this blog serves more as a lasting journal of my life and family then a money making blog about how to knit your dog's hair into a sweater (seriously, have you seen this?).

And perhaps that is what my blog will end up being, an odd retelling of my life my kids won't want to read and my grand kids will think is oddly charming. And I'm okay with that.

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