Sunday, February 26, 2012


My six grade science teacher, Mrs. Mulder, was awesome. Serouisly awesome. She is one of my favorite teachers of all time and when I see her around town, I smile way too big at her and always say hi. I'm sure she doesn't know who I am but I'm okay with that.

While she is one of my favorite teachers I don't actually remember that much from her sciene class. Sorry Mrs. Mulder I was a bit distracted by growing boobs and my boyfriend. But what I do remember is ROY B BIV. The rainbow! Red, orange, yellow, blue, indiago and violet. I'm not sure if she would be proud I remember that or saddened that that's all I can remember. But either way, I love rainbows and have since I was four, so maybe that's why I remembered it.

So when I saw these rainbow polka dot cups at World Market I had to get them. Sipping out of them made my day. Is it silly to feel happier drinking out of a purple polka dot cup? Yup. But I do.

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