Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mommy Confessions: Mommy Time Outs Are The Best

Before we were allowed to leave the hospital with A. we had to read information ranging from how to feed your baby to post partum depression. One of those legal things so that the hospital can say, hey we told them not to feed the baby french fries.

One of those pieces of advise was that if you get upset at your baby, you should put your baby some place safe and go to another room to take a break. The thing is, they don't tell you that the rule is not just when they are babies, oh no, that rule applies to children, forever. Kids in general during a trying moment can make the calmest, nicest person rethink drinking during the day.

Which is why at times I institute the, mommy time out. Other mommies might call it quiet time for the benefit of their children but let's be honest, it's a time out, for mom.

I'm currently in one now. A. would not stop kicking me while I was changing a dirty diaper and I had to pin him to the ground with one foot. I ended up at the end, angry and covered in poo. I told him to go bed as it was nap time and stormed down stairs. Is this a logical, calm, mommy response? Nope. Is it an honest mommy response? Yup.

He's peacefully sleeping now and I'm watching reruns of The Office while I snack on a blood orange milk chocolate candy bar. In whole, mommy time outs are one of my favorite things.

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