Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trends I Love, But Can't Explain Why

The other day I posted about trends I don't understand which got me to thinking about the trends I do love and have loved, but for reasons I can't seem to explain. Which is exactly what a trend is, something you like that is popular right now but you can't explain why. So what trends do I love right now?

Mad Men. I am still mourning the loss of our cable and with it AMC and how I am now officially behind from not watching the new season. I refuse to watch it on my computer screen because Don Drapper demands more more respect and a bigger screen than my laptop. I also refuse to google or read any article or blog that would update me to happenings of Mad Men. I'm waiting for it to come out on either Netflix or blu-ray, whichever is faster/cheaper. I don't know what it is about Mad Men that makes me love it. Perhaps it's the costumers, perhaps it's the acting, perhaps it's the idea that women were curvy back then with big boobs covered in awesome sweaters and everyone smoke like the country depended on it. But I love Mad Men. Love it.

Pinterest is the latest and most loved trend. I've already talked about my love for it before, but I'd just like to remind you, I still love it.

But what trends have I loved before? Um, plently. Let's take a stroll down memory lane because depending on one's age and geographical location at the time, some of these trends where it.

Glitter. In particular, face glitter. I had that exact one on the left. In fact one the middle ones cracked where you had to screw them in and that one dried up. So sad. But the glitter came in a gel and I use to put some on the outside of my eyes. Why? No idea. But when I saw it in Claires in middle school with my bestest friends, I just had to buy it. I actually ran across it only a few years ago and was sad, sad, to throw it out.

Dolphins. What you say, dolphins are still cool? Well of course, dolphins kick ass, but not like they did in the 90s. Dolphins were cool like owls are cool now. They were every where and any self respecting elementry school girl owned at least one thing with a dolphin. I may or may not still own a puzzel with almost identical dolphin art work on it at my moms.

And not to forget the trend I by far spent a good 401k amount of money on, smelly lotions. Yes, these are still popular. The store I bought them in, Bath and Body Works, is still around. But I remember when they opened. My bestest friends and I spent an unholy amount of money at these places in the 90s. I had, kid you not, at least 20 bottles of slightly to unslightly used bottles of lotions the year The Husband went to boot camp. I actually started throwing away some of the lotions because they were already a decade old by that point! My favorite smell was pink lemonade, at least I think that's what they called it. I know it was a lemonade smell and not the one they have now, it isn't right. But yes, I loved the crap out of that smell and would probably rock it at the office so I can save my "grown-up" smells like Clinche Happy Hearts and Marc Jacobs Lola for grown-up times.

What trends have you loved or do you love right now?

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