Monday, January 2, 2012

So long 2011

In case ya'll didn't know, it's 2012. What crazyness is that?

I for one, am already not excited for 2012. Why? Let me tell you... for one, 2012 is an even number. Yuck. I prefer odd numbers. Second, typing 2012 a million times a day at work is going to slow me down. 2011 is much easier to enter when your doing dates quickly. Third, when your fat people assume you have made some kind of New Years resolution about not being fat and then "kindly" ask you about said resolution, you know, the one you didn't make because you're still okay with your fatness, at least for now. Because really, it's winter, I live in Michigan, I can hide my fatness with a sweater right now. I'll make a resolution about fatness as the weather gets warmer. For now, bring on the sweaters and pass me that leftover Christmas candy!

But besides those reasons, I guess 2012 should be an interesting year, going off the idea that 2011 was an interesting year. Why? Well, let's recap in pictures!

The year started out with A. being in the hospital in January for a deathly allergic reaction to amoxcillin. It occurs to me that I never did a follow up post on this. It probably sounds silly, but I still can't write it. I still cry when I remember how I felt when I heard it come over the hospital speakers of an emergency admissions to the peds floor, the eight, yes eight, nurses and three doctors who came running into A.'s room. How I felt when the doctor told me if they couldn't stabilize him in the next few minutes, they had the helicopter standing by to airlift him to the children's hospital. To say that 2011 started out on a horrifying, shitty note, is putting it mildly. But he got better and I'm sure he doesn't even remember it... I hope he doesn't. And the year got better.

February brought a hair cut for A. Now lots of children get hair cuts, but this was only the second one that A. had ever gotten. He seemed perplexed all day and well into dinner about where his hair had went.

March brought us the beginning of the never ending, seriously dear G-d, when is this project going to be done and I will have walls again, plumbing project. My best tip to anyone? If your brother and Husband say, "they've got this" RUN. Run very far away and into the arms of a licensed plumber and contractor. I have no doubt in my mind we did really save thousands of dollars (the quote just to fix the tub was $900+ alone!) by having them redo all the plumbing from the basement up two floors. But wow. I miss walls and ceilings. Can't wait till we have enough saved to call in a dry waller. I know we could try and figure that out too but at this point, we're one house call away from being on an episode of DIY Disasters.

April brought A. going to school. I would love to say that it was so successful and everything worked great and he talks in full sentences but um, I suck at lying. He did learn new words and apparently was the "cutest" kid in the classroom and one who "we wish we could have a classroom full of A.'s". Well duh. Look at him. Of course someone would want a whole classroom of him, who wouldn't want a classroom filled with kids who already have a borderline, this may require therapy obsession, with Star Wars, Legos and hitting you behind the knees with his three foot long nerf sword after he jumps out from around a corner and makes you scream like your an eight year old girl again.

April brought us our dog Walter. He has been both a blessing and one of those, Oh, now I see why you were free, kind of dogs. He is by far the sweetest dog but he is also needy. As in, I yell at him more often than A. that I just want to pee by myself! He follows us all around with such loyalty that I feel so bad he can't come every where with us, but The Husband says we can't become those people. Fine. But the dog still owns a coat and a raincoat which The Husband says it two, too many. If The Husband wasn't so good at counting, I'd add some more coats or sweaters in.

May brought A.'s first adventure to one of the local spring fairs. I'm glad he enjoyed it because the adults kinda thought it blew.

June brought my in-laws moving in with us. They stayed true to their word and stayed for only a short time, two months. I still swear I miss them and no, it's not my Lexapro talking.

July brought my brother's wedding (sorry for the blurry pic, it was dark at the reception). I still can't believe he got married. Not because he's my little brother and I can't believe he's old enough or any mushy stuff like that, just as in, wow, you found someone to love you and all your weirdness. Rock on.

August brought getting yummy ice cream with Nana, Dad and Mom. The ice cream from Kilwins is so good which is a good thing because at the price, it equals a meal. 

September brought celebrating my mom's 50th birthday party. Pants aside, literally, look at A.'s smile. He adores his Nana.

October brought Halloween. A. had help from everyone for his costume as a knight. We bought the outfit, Pop Pop and Ya Ya got the accessories and Nana supplied Walter's costumer, a dragon (which isn't pictured because we didn't finish it in time and Walter was all spazzy... next year!).

November brought Thanksgiving at Ya Ya and Pop Pop's and playing with the Kinect. Just watching him trying to play, kicking all around and such, hilarious.

December brought A.'s 3rd birthday, Hanukkah, Christmas and our 5 year wedding anniversary. Basically, a lot. We like to go out in style.

So long 2011... I guess, welcome 2012.

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