Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seven Years After the Fact - Bones

Do you ever start watching a show, um, seven years after the fact and go, what the hell? Why didn't I know about you before? Why am I now just watching reruns on Netflix when I should be sleeping?

Bones is mine. I mean, I had heard of it of course, I even sold copies of the seasons to people at Target. But I'm going to go with the excuse of having worked 2nd shift for the prior um, six and a half years.

This show is awesome. Awesome like, I don't really believe that any of these cases could be solved like they show, but awesome like, it would be awesome if cases were solved like they do. I've never really gotten into shows that are very loosely based sciency dramas before. I personally thought people who liked shows like CSI were whackadoos, to be honest. My type of shows include things like Family Guy and Robot Chicken. You know, high brow kind of stuff.

But I love the crap out of this show. It makes me wonder what other shows I've been missing and am missing now seeing how we only have Hulu Plus and Netflix. I should probably do some research and borrow one of those People magazines my mother-in-law has. I could be missing all types of shows!

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