Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mommy Confession - Xbox Hissy Fits

It's no secret that A. plays the Xbox. He has his own Xbox handle name and can finish most levels from the Lego series for Star Wars, Batman and Pirates by himself once The Husband or I have run through them at least once with him.

He has already perfected the, seoruisly Mom I'm playing, look. So while this post seems like a confession that I let my child play Xbox, it's not. I've made peace with his game playing and find that given his timer and not even daily habit, it's fine.

No, this mommy confession is about how I have a full blown hissy fit when he deletes his save file. As in, I serouisly resort back to being eight with all my whinning and complaining. I like playing the games with A., but for the love that is all holy, I can only play some of those levels so many times. And if I have to buy that stupid red hat in the Lego Pirates that is 500,000 lego coins for a fifth time, I'm gonna scream. I don't know if he's deleting the files on purpose or not, but serouisly A., mommies brain can't take some of those levels anymore. Specially the vehicle ones, I hate those vehicle ones, to the point where I complain and whine when that is the level he picks.

He deleted his Lego Pirates save file again this week which required me to sit through the movies that recap the movies. I hate these movies because I kinda hate those movies. I saw the first and second ones on a date, not with The Husband, and is probably why I don't feel foundly of them. Anywho, after discovering that for the fourth time he deleted his save file, I lectured him. Lectured my three year old on the very important task of saving his game data correctly. I have clearly lost my mind.

But, because I'm his mommy... I will work to buy that hat again for him this time. And the next time.

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