Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Quick Update

Just a quick update...

Last week was full of events. We had the city inspector come in to check the plumbing. We failed. Yay. There's a problem with the bath tub. The solution involves a cresent wrench and possibily a blow torch. I plan on documenting this. So look forward to that in the future!

I also went to book club. It was fantastic. I love both the ladies in book club and the time spent with them. I just picked up next month's book club, The Art of Racing in the Rain and can't wait to begin reading it.

And we had A.'s school conference. School conferences now as the parent are terrifiying by the way. I just wanted his teachers to get to the point. I know he's a bright, caring boy. Though that is comforting and always makes me smile, I just wanted them to say it. And eventually they did. A. is a charming boy who is not making progress in his speech

The recommendation is for more intensive speech therapy starting in January when he turns 3. His education will then be taken over by the local public school system through the special education department. He will go half days, four days a week. His official diagnosis is apraxia of speech and is the reason being turned into the state for justification of special needs preschool. It is a diagnosis we had been waiting for. One that is not a suprise in the least. It is a diagnosis that means A.'s speech could still take years to correct but that in the end, no one really knows how long it could take.

But it will be okay. A. likes school. He is getting the help he needs and we are blessed to be in a community that offers such fantastic early intervention services. We even went and looked at back packs today. A. picked out a bee one from Skip Hop.

We plan on picking it up for him as one of his Hanukkah gifts. It will be a new adventure for all of us.

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