Monday, October 17, 2011

My $3 DIY Yarn Wrapped Letter

I'm not sure about you, but I have always had a soft spot for crafts. I use to spend my money on crafts magazine. Serouisly, what dork of an eight year old spends money on old lady craft magazines with felted snow men on the front. This dork.

So ever since the internet has spurred millions of bloggers to come up with craft DIY ideas, I have always kept an eye out for ideas I figured I might actually be able to do. Because you see, I love the idea of crafts, I'm just not very crafty due to lack of motivation. Oh yes, I'll pin lots of ideas. Crap, I even pin ideas of crafts to do for and with A. But I don't actually ever do any of them. So I decided enough was enough, I had to pick one idea.

So I decided to cover a medium sized "J" with yarn. This post by the way, is not a step-by-step one, maybe the original pin shows it, I was personally too lazy. Anyways, I picked up a medium sized craft letter for $2.49 and then used a small portion, maybe $0.30 worth of yarn covering it and $0.20 of ribbon.  But really, I don't even remember when I bought this ribbon and I don't exactly love the color but going out to buy new ribbon would have required me to wrangle A. into the car. Screw that. Then I hung it on our front porch.

Simple, yes? Kinda. I mean, wrapping yarn isn't hard. It just slips a lot so I ended up using clear scotch tape to help hold the yarn in place while I wrapped it, specially on the curves. The only other part that I hadn't originally thought about was that I had to map out how to cover the tops of the letters. I wrapped those first, then wrapped around the J. I was able to after doing the curves and securing them a bit better take all but one piece of tape off, the one on the outside of the curve of the bottom on the J. I'm sure if I could locate any of the four tubes of super glue I own, this would look less trashy, but for now, it's fine.

This tape issue combined with my cat who wouldn't stop messing with the yarn, she attempted to eat it three times, made for a simple craft. Overall, for around $3, I'm pleased with my craft. Would I make a whole word out of these? Uh, no. One letter is fine.

Then again, my in-laws said they liked it. So perhaps I could make some letters for them for the holidays for their house? Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that before? They bought their own house... two months ago. Opps. Yeah. And whether anyone believes me or not, I actually do miss them.

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