Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quick Update

Okay so I have been slacking in posting. Again. Suprised, I'm sure.

But I've been busy. Actually busy. Well um, during the day. At night I'm not. But let's not dwell on the details... I have one more week of training and then I head back to the office after Labor Day break. My brain feels ready to burst with state policy and so I'm usually spending my nights vegging out looking at blogs while I watch my way through back through already prevouisly watched seasons of Futurama. I'm on season three, eposide 18, just incase you wanted to know.

But when training is done I promise to do a recap. I've gotten to eat some really yummy foods while at training in the town where training is. Plus, we've done some more projects around the house. I have pictures of some of it... wait, maybe none of it? Hmm. Time will only tell.