Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Big Jolly Family

Most people dread their in-laws. Most people make fun of them. Some even move across the country to get away from them. I got lucky. With the exception of one falling out that we've all agreed to get over and not discuss again like healthy adults do, I got lucky. My in-laws love me. They love A. They are always on the look out for cute stuff for our house and score quirky finds for me at yard sales and thrift stores. Case in point?

This copper jell-o mold. It was $2 at one of the local thrift stores and when I was with them and saw it I fell in love. There's just something simple and lovely about it that I love. The holes on the top are where the cherries are suppose to go so that when you flip out the mold, you have cherries on top. How neat! I think I'm going to start collecting them actually and decorate my 1959 state of the art kitchen with them. I remember that my great grandma would hang them on the walls above the cabinets and I like the idea that every time I would see them, I would think of her. Plus, I might as well embrace the decade my kitchen is stuck in cause it's gonna be stuck in it for a while. I just have to make sure to do it tactfully or it could get out of hand.

But getting back on topic, my in-laws, for reasons that aren't important, my in-laws, sister-in-law and their two cats moved in with us this weekend. It's suppose to be for a month.

This is what they brought with them for their month. I'm not really worried about the time frame, mainly cause I don't want to help pack and unload a trailer again. Oh and cause we love them. That by the way is the back of a 25 foot trailer. That is full. Oh yes. Their entire life is now in our house and garage. I actually think there are many pros to them moving in and despite jokes from people at work, I'm not at all concerned about it. For example...

  • Cute stuff: My in-laws have quirky style senses. I've already decorated my yard with their yard stuff. Two pink flamgos included.
  • Conversations: My in-laws are talkers. I'm a talker. Yay!
  • Babysitting: I have three built in babysitters now. I'm excited at the prospect of taking a shower without having to wait till A. is asleep or bribing him with Spongebob educational work sheets.
  • Money: Are agreement is that while they are here they will buy groceries. The money we save, even just for one month, from not buying groceries should help up pump up our savings.
  • Daily Love Reminders: They already adore A. but having them here will just mean even more love in our house on a daily basis. Mom is already over every day and now with them here, he will get even more daily reminders of who loves him.
That being said, there are some cons. There are always cons.

  • Chocolate Stash: I keep a stash of chocolate chips hidden in the upper part of the cabinet. In moments or crisis, or bordem, I take it out and snack on a handfull. Now I'll have to find a new spot because I don't share my stash.
  • Bras: Under the, thanks for sharing category, I don't wear a bra around my house. All mine have wires and frankly, any time the girls can be free I enjoy. Now I'll have to wear a bra a lot more. Damn.
  • Parking Issues: We have one of those awesome drive ways that while thankfully has two spots in front of our garage that we don't park in for fear of it falling in, is only a one car driveway the rest of the way to the street. We also live in a town were parking on the street between 2am and 5am is illegal and will get you a $10 parking ticket. So, with four cars and people leaving at different times, every night I get to play move the cars into the right order game.
But yup. There you have it. We're now just one huge Jolly Family.

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