Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catch Up

So it's been a while since I posted. It's been a crazy month and a half. And by crazy, I mean, I've been tired. To sum up the time I'm going to update in quick sentances and pictures. I take pictures sometimes that I mean to turn into posts but lately haven't. So here we go...

Work. Well first, no picture for this one. Cell phones are actually forbidden at my work due to patents. Car mirrors are serouis business you know. Work is fine. It's just long. Very long. My shift is from 3pm to 1am. Then A. wakes up at 6am. I'm tired. Thankfully I have a wonderful, wonderful mom who comes over so I can take an hour or two nap before work.

But going back in time, every year my town has an annual festival. It celebrates tulips. Tulips. And as lame as that sounds, and as lame as I thought it was when I was a teenager, I adore it now. I get it now. It's about family fun. It's about free and pretty cheap activities for munchkins. To start out the festival we (me, Mom (Nana), YaYa and Pop Pop) took A. to the big kid activity day. He loved it. He started out by posing on a large rock. That's his, "I'm tough" pose. Pop Pop showed him how.

Then he played in one of those large blow up climbers. He loves these things. He's a very good climber.

And he loved petting the animals. The day was a great one and for only $6 it was dirt cheap.

Then later on in the week we went to the children's parade. All the kids dress up and march down main street. This was A. and his impression of the parade. He didn't enjoy it. It was too loud. There were too many people. It was too hot. We lasted 12 minutes. We will try again next year.

Then a few weeks ago we went to the local fair. Oh what was suppose to be the fair. We were kinda confused because it wasn't normally when it was held but did say it was that fair. It was small. But A. enjoyed the little kid rides. He really loved riding the orange truck.

And then A. had his last day of school. He has two sessions each month for the summer but they are on break. I felt like we should do something nice for the teachers and aides. Honestly I thought I should buy them vodka and chocolate. Afterall these are teachers of 2 and 3 year olds. With special needs. They deserve chocolate vodka. But I figured that was probably not appropriate so instead we made them (in full disclosure, they were not from scratch, they were Meijer knock off cookies that were on sale) chocolate chip and turle cookies. I then had A. make a drawing inside a thank you card. All the teachers said the cookies were fantastic. I just hope they know I meant it, that I really do thank them for all their help with A.

And that is the last month in a nut shell in pictures. Other stuff happened of course but that's all I have in pictures. Hopefully I can update more often, or at least in a more timely manner.

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