Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mommy Confession - Napping Taken to Heart

When I was pregnant everyone, friends, family and even the old lady in the Meijer check-out told me that when my baby slept, I should too. I remember when he actually came along I found this piece of advice annoying as hell. Perhaps it's because I had a colicky infant who didn't sleep and screamed 23 hours a day. Perhaps it was because if by chance he did sleep I had 7 minutes to determine if I wanted to 1.) sleep 2.) eat 3.) shower 4.) chores or 5.) pay bills. Sleeping was never the option I picked. Instead I usually combined 2, 4 and 5 together while getting stuff together for 3. By that point he would wake up and I would cross 1 and 3 off the list until The Husband came home or Mom came over.

But then one day, around four months, he started sleeping longer. And by longer, I mean 20 minutes. Suddenly the advice seemed brilliant. Of course one would sleep when their baby slept. This started my obsession with his napping. He needed to nap because I needed to nap. I quickly figured out the real reason why other people put their babies on sleep schedules, it wasn't for the babies, it was so they knew when they could sleep. Or so I reasoned.

So where is the confession you might ask? That I was wrong and others were right with their advice? Um, no. I was right in both situations. No my confession as a mom is I still nap when he naps. Nap time is one of my favorite parts of the day and I consider myself beyond lucky that I get to nap during the day when he lays down. So lucky I almost feel guilty when I do because The Husband doesn't get to nap. He goes to work during the day and I stay home. But not guilty enough I'm going to stop napping. Afterall, The Husband comes home, takes care of A. for about four hours and then they go to bed. Yeeeah, I'm gonna keep napping.

Napping rocks. And I think parent's every where should be given stipends in order to pay someone to come over so they can take naps.

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Sarah Rozeboom said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE every single thing about this post Stephanie! We feel the same way about a lot of "mommy things"! LOL! Reading your posts just plain made my night, thank you! I love you and I love your honesty!