Monday, April 11, 2011

An Update on our DIY

So I had written before that we are living our own personal DIY disaster. And by disaster I mean, wow, now I know why people pay contractors to do this kind of thing. Because this sucks. We had intented to get a contractor but after we did all the demo and determined all of the issues, there was no way we could afford one. So instead we are DIYing with the help of our families, mainly my brother. And where are we in our progress? Ummm... we don't have any working plumbing to the only bathroom with a shower and are missing two ceilings and one and a half walls. Yay.

This is was our play room and that use to have a wall there. That shinny rectangle piece is the back of the medicine cabinet from the half bath on the other side. As you can see there is all new plumbing in that wall. You can also see duct tape. I promise we know that isn't how you connect pipes, it's just holding it in place while we fit pipes together. 

And this is the ceiling, or where it should be. See all that knob and tube wiring? Yeah, that has to be addressed next.

And this is our lovely plastic green tiled half bath. It's hard to tell from the picture but we had to rip down this ceiling so we could access the cast iron bath tub that had also been leaking due to rust. We are working on scrapping all the rust off of it now (hence the plastic bag tapped up there, it's to catch the shavings) and repairing it before the new drain and shower plumbing can be installed.

And this is the upstairs hallway wall. We had to cut into this wall to gain access to the roof vent (did you know pipes have to be vented? Yeah, I didn't either) and the sink plumbing. If you're wondering why there is a tub of kitty litter and Hello Kitty blocking that opening, it's because you can see all the way down to the down stairs bathroom and our special cat keeps trying to squeeze herself down into the opening. We love her.

Ta-da! Our pink and green bathroom void of all working plumbing. And yes, that is our toilet sitting in our tub. I'll disinfect it later. Many, many times.

And why is our toliet in the bath tub? Because that's what my tile floor looks like. Yucky. The leaking toliet, which started all the problems, rotted out the sub floor and my brother had to cut out the tile to patch the sub floor. Oh and see that awesome vanity? I know you're jealous.

So any home DIY projects going on with anyone else?


Sarah Ray said...

oh no! just think about how great it will look when all is said and done. eyes on the prize. easy to say when i'm not living there, right.

Stephanie said...

Ugh that's what I have to keep reminding myself of! Soon, soon it will be done. Right?

sanctimomious said...

OMG my heart just breaks for you. All our DIY right now is outside, so there is no plubling involved. Although....we do still have a huge hole in our wall from Chris's "I neglect to clean 55 gallons of unexplained water on the floor" incident. Ugh.