Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our First Passover

There has been a lot going on in the last week. Namely, The Husband and A. were in a car accident last week. They are fine, our car is not. It was totaled and now we're out a car and a car seat, though our insurance company reimbursed us for a new one already. But that's unpleasant and it causes me anxiety issues when I have to consider what new vehicle we will purchase so let's move along to something more pleasing.

This week, well actually Monday night at sunset (yeah, I'm a bit behind on this post), started the week long celebration of Passover. Passover is one of the most important Jewish holidays and retells the story of how Moses lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. The holiday starts with a seder, which is a ritualized dinner that retells the story, on the first night. There are many elements to a seder and this year we had what I'm calling, a seder inspired dinner with just The Husband, A. and I. I read the Exodus story and recited some prayers and we all had a simple dinner.

A simple dinner and a week of meals that have to follow a set of specific rules. What rules? Well, first you have to follow kashrut or kosher rules plus your forbidden from eating other specific grains. We are following basic rules and those include:
  • No pork, shellfish, insects or any meat that is not kosher.
  • Meat and milk cannot be mixed.
  • Milk, veggies and fruits are permitted.
  • Eggs and fish that have scales and fins are permitted and both are considered parve (neutral) and can be mixed with milk or kosher meat.
  • For the week of Passover, chametz which is wheat, barley, spelt, rye and oats that have been mixed with water and allowed to sit for longer than eighteen minutes.
What then does that leave to eat? Ummm... matzo? Which is wheat and water that have been worked and baked in less than eighteen minutes. Impressive. But no seriously, I had no idea what we were gonna eat for a week. And searching for "passover weekly menu" provided less than stellar, affordable options with ingredients that I could even find. So in case someone else ever searches, here is our weekly menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner and then snack). Note that we're only following the rules above, other Jews may follow additional rules (no rice, corn, legumes and hours regulation when eating dairy and meat, etc) that would cause this menu not to work for them. The great thing is though, with the matzo removed, this is a week of gluten free meal ideas. Neat.

But I will admit, the menu is a bit, okay, a lot, of repetition, but this is my first meal plan. Next year might be fancier. Might. Oh and I also don't claim to be a dietitian, I know some of these meals, okay, a lot of these meals, lack balance but I'll be honest and say, meh. This is how we eat. Oh and if some of these foods violate the rules in some way I can't forsee, I tried my best. I'm new at this.

toaster pastries, bananas
cheeseburger with bacon (oh yes, that is what we ate, because it wasn't yet Passover), fries, oranges
matzo ball soup, baked tilapia with lemon, roasted red skin potatoes, sparkling juice and chocolates
grapes, string cheese

rice crisp cereal, bananas
matzo with pb&j, grapes, yogurt
kosher hot dogs, sweet potato fries, kosher pickles, grapes
passover "crackers", sharp cheese, hard boiled eggs

corn chex cereal, raspberries
kosher hot dogs, roasted potatoes, oranges
matzo ball soup, grapes
yogurt, bananas

 rice cereal, strawberries
tuna fish, kosher pickles, matzo, oranges
matzo with pb&j, bananas
cottage cheese, strawberries

egg bake with mushrooms and onions, raspberries
black bean chili, cheese, oranges
spaghetti noodles made from rice, veggie spaghetti sauce, salad with feta
smoothies made with milk, yogurt, strawberries, raspberries and honey

egg bake with cheese, mushrooms and onions, bananas
matzo with pb&j, strawberries
kosher hot dogs, tater tots, oranges
passover "crackers", sharp cheese

matzo brei, fruit salad made of strawberries, oranges, bananas and raspberries
fried eggs, tater tots, brown rice "oatmeal"
matzo crusted perch, rice, fruit salad made of strawberries, oranges, bananas and raspberries
matzo toffee

corn chex cereal, raspberries
matzo with pb&j, oranges
black bean chili with cheese, oranges
mozzarella sticks, strawberries

I'll be sure to post some of the recipes in the future. Hopefully the rest of the week is relaxing and everyone has enjoyable holidays.

Oh and photobucket, where I store my photos, needs to hurry up and fix it's sight. Posts without photos are boring.

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