Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Spring Tchotchke

So I work in the electronics area at my work, among other random jobs like answering the phones. Which  if I stop to think about is hilarious considering how if I had to hook up my own TV, I'd be screwed. But none the less, that's where I work. And working in that department means I have to try and get my guests to buy extra crap with their new 3DS which we call attachments. Yes, when I ask you if you need a case or a game it isn't because I care, it's because if I don't ask and one of my managers hears then I get a lecture. One I don't care to listen to.

Why am I telling you this? Well, this past week I was the winner (yay go me) so I got to pick out a prize from work. And not some crappy one like a water bottle with a bullseye or something lame, no, anything I wanted from the store. Well, within $5 to $6. Now we have a bunch of cute crap for your house at work, not to sound like a spokesperson, but really, our crap is awfully cute. So cute it's hard to narrow down the choices on what to pick. But this time, I just knew what I wanted.

Oh yes. That is exactly what it looks like. A paper mached, covered in glitter, Easter Spring bunny. It is now sitting on the dresser I'm using as a small buffet next to my Shabbot candle holders and every time I see it, I smile. Something within me still loves sparkles and tchotchkes as much as I did when I was eight and begged my mom for porcelain horse figurines. Go figure.

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