Sunday, March 20, 2011


Growing up I really hated the color yellow. It was too bright. Too gross. And I look horrific in the color. Nothing like taking a chubby girl and making her stand out even more in a crowd than putting her in something bright yellow. Yes, yellow was not my color and I can't ever recall owning a piece of clothing or accessory that was yellow.

Until we bought the house. I have always loved grey houses, though I'm not sure why. Perhaps because so many different accent colors look good with them or because as they say, grey is the new black. But when we bought a house, a grey house, I suddenly found myself drifting towards yellow. Something about it screamed, LOVE ME! And I can honestly say, I do now.

Now I find that I search out all things yellow and I worry that our house will end up with too much yellow and grey. Even though according to design blogs, grey is so 2009 already. But the great thing is, I still really like the grey and yellow combo with white or even robin eggs blue and purple in small pops of color. Which is why I adore the following pictures...

I'm not sure what I love about this living room from County Living but something about it makes me feel happy just looking at it. I think the arm chairs are part of it.

This living room, which I know was a home tour on Apartment Therapy, though I can't remember which one, also seems so cheery. I think once again it's the white furniture that helps it. And the idea of using a huge piece of fabric as wall covering seems like a good idea, one I could not only DIY myself but probably also afford.

Once again from Apartment Therapy this living room is another that makes me wish I too could own white furniture. But it leaves me wondering, do these people actually sit on their furniture? Because the mere idea of someone sitting on a white piece of furniture gives me a panick attack. By the way, don't you love the pleat detail on the bottom of the couch?

I love that in this living room from Decor Pad that the walls are a robin eggs blue. Combined with the yellow I think it is beautiful. And I love the pop of purple from the flowers.

The funny thing is, even though almost all of these are living rooms are yellow, ours will be Sea Breath from Valspar. It's a bright yet calming robin egg blue that I just adore. I've painted a few samples on different walls and finally commited and bought a gallon on friday. Hopefully I still like it when it's all over my walls.



Sarah Ray said...

i think you know how i feel about this. love it!

Stephanie said...

I know! I feel like you and I are on the same decorating page. Every time I find something cute and yellow I think, "Oh! Sarah would love this too!".