Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How I Lost 10 Pounds in a Weekend

That's right. I lost 10 pounds this weekend. What magical diet did I come across?

The flu. Yay.

Yes, I caught the flu on Friday night and at first thought it was food poisining from Temple. I dared to eat food other people and their germs had touched after service at the oneg and figured it was just my pleasent reminder to not ever, ever do that again. Or at least not follow behind a teenage boy whose hygenine and basic dressing skills made me question why his parents had allowed him out of his room.

But no, it was the good old flu. I haven't had the flu since I was in second grade. H1N1, sure, but regular flu, nope. And while it is awesome to be temperarly 10 pounds lighter from not eating for the last four days, I wouldn't reccomend it as a long term weight solution.

Oh well, at least I'm over it, The Husband is nearly over it and A. got expossed but didn't catch it.

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