Friday, March 25, 2011

Mommy Confession - No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

So I have something to confess. I'm a bad mommy. Not a bad mommy as in I don't ever bathe or properly restrain him in a car seat, no, I mean a bad mommy in the fact that I have things that I do or don't do that would bring shame upon me if I ever confesed them inside a mommy circle.

What kind of things would bring shame to me? Oh, how about the fact that I let A. run around in a diaper when we're at home. Only a diaper. Yes, I'm that mom. The one that other mommies would give side way glances at and scoot just slightly farther away from.

See that picture? I stagged it. Minutes before that he was running around in just a diaper. But just incase for some reason he were to ever come across this in the future I reasoned I should at least throw a shirt on the poor kid.

The worst part of course is that I could say that I let him run around because our house is warm, which it is, or the fact that we're in the middle of potty training, which we are. No, it's pure lack of will power on my part. The act of trying to get A. dressed is like trying to dress an octopus. I just give up. If we're at home then, meh, run free A. Run free.

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