Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Batshit crazy moms

In light of my, holy crap that's a lot of crap going on, last post, this post is a little lighter. Because I need a good laugh. We all could use a good laugh sometimes.

Before I was pregnant I had all these crazy first time mom ideas. I read every blog, book and message board that I could. I went a little nuts with all the theories of raising kids. Then when I did get pregnant, it got worse. Suddenly I felt like every single decision was so drastically important that if I made the wrong one I was forever dooming my future child to be anything less than a brain surgeon.

So you would think that when A. finally got here, I would have calmed down and figured out my own way as a mom. Felt confident in my decisions that I was making. Confident that he was well on his way to being a supreme court justice. Um, hell no. And everyone, everyone, seems to have a different idea from the last person and each idea contradicts the last idea. Which lead me to this video that is part of a series that was linked from the newest blog I'm reading, I Hate Your Kids, which is about a Jewish mom whose oldest of three kids is autistic. The video is by far the funniest thing I have recently snorted out loud to (the glass of wine I was drinking probably helped too).

In the end it's clear, the message is, go with your gut instinct and distruss the batshit crazy mom you meet at playgrounds. Instead trust those instincts you do have. Oooor drink another glass of wine and waste time watching Youtube videos till you feel better about the decisions you made today. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that last one.

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