Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whole lotta crap going on

Wow! It's been a while since I last wrote. Life, like everyone else's, has been slightly crazy since I last wrote. So to recap in the shortest way possible (for me, not normal people, for normal people this would still be long), the following things have happened in order since I last wrote...

  • I work retail. In electronics. During the holidays (seriously, that alone should have delayed my writing).
  • On the last night of Hanukkah I was so excited to have my all my family over again because I was going to be making sufgainiyot (honestly I still stumble over how to say this word), which are awesome fried jelly doughnuts with raspberry filling. I had bought all the ingredients, put out all the candles and then popped a pill for my ankle that had been hurting. You see, my ankle had been hurting and my doctor gave me a prescription for Nabumetone (Relafen), which is a simple NSAID, no big deal. Now I've taken tons of NSAIDs, my favorite being liquid Advil gels. This time however it turns out I'm allergic to Nabumetone! Sweet! Long story short I had to call The Husband home from work to drive me to the ER room because I experienced extreme confusion, shortness of breath and slurred speech. It wore off within a few hours and I felt better within a few days. The best part? Besides my hospital bill of course, is that now whenever I go into the hospital I get a sweet red bracelet that alerts them that I have an allergy. Neat. I'm sure I get charged more for that.
  • Then Ayden had his 2nd birthday party!!! This deserves an entire post of itself, which I will get to shortly, but in recap, the whole day was wonderful. I barely got any shots of all the hard work I put in for the actual party and The Husband was in charge of taking pictures of A. opening gifts so they are um, pictures, but overall the party was awesome and it was a fabulous day.
  • Then Christmas happened. We (The Husband, A. and I) still have a Christmas tree and did Santa gifts and stockings before celebrating with his and my family with them coming over for lunch. I don't have a problem with having a Christmas tree. Simply, The Husband requested that if A. and I become Jewish he still wants a tree. Not because he's Christian ,or anything actually, no, because as he explains, he just likes gifts under a tree. I see no problem with this personally and honestly, I still love our tree too. I love buying a new ornament each year for us as a couple and now one for A. as well. I like the blue, white and silver ornaments I bought for our first Christmas together. If someday down the road, a Christmas tree is too confusing to A. with us being Jewish, we will pack it away and just visit our families trees instead. But for right now, this interfaith Jewish family will have both a menorah and a Christmas tree and be happy doing so.
  • The Husband and I then celebrated our four year wedding anniversary. We have been together for six and a half years total and in that time I feel like we have had so many highs and sadly, a lot of really low points. But we're working on it, we're committed to our marriage and even on those days when I want to smoother him in his sleep, I still love him. He's The Husband.
  • Then we celebrated the New Year like truly tired, low on cash and no babysitter, kinda parents, by staying home and drinking a fake bottle of bubbly. I don't like the real stuff. I want the fruity fake bubbly kind. I could drink a whole bottle myself.
  • Then to start the year off on a bang and the thing that has thrown the entire beginning of this new year off is the fact that A. was hospitalized for four days the first week of January due to a severe allergic reaction to amoxicillion. There is way too much to discuss about this in a few sentences so I'll do a follow up post shortly. But he's back to being a normal 2 year old by now.
  • Following his hospital stay and his two year well child visit has resulted in three referrals. Allergies, speech and for his left ankle (he rolls it several times a day). So we've had and have coming up more visits and evaluations. Nothing is seriously wrong. Just small little things that if we catch right now, will be easier than waiting down the road to address. But in the end, he's a normal, healthy little boy.
And so that is why I haven't written. This list by the way isn't a, oh whoa is me list, no, it's just, I finally have many legitimate in my mind, excuses for being lazy and not writing. Now back to my regular excuses which include getting off the couch for the laptop is too much work and forgetting my password and being too lazy to reset it for the 19th time.

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